Where did Angelo go wrong?

Sri Lanka Team at the Maligawa

With the latest sacking of the SL skipper to cover up the losses at the Asia cup we see Angelo Mathews falling to the lowest point in his career. Based on what is published it appears that he his not happy with how things are turning out. There are multiple reasons for his downfall. Most obvious one is his fitness. Not being available to practice and play for long periods of time has contributed to his poor performances. Also another school of thought is the retirement of a significant number of senior players from the side. 

IMHO it all started to go wrong for Angelo after he started to be an "YES" man for the SLC. The visit to the Sri Dalada Maligawa and offering flowers to a God that he does not believe in, would have definitely gone against his consions. But he may have agreed to keep his status as he was not also performing well. I have nothing against the team going to the Maligawa but there should be freedom of choice for each individual…….. There were lots of articles on the media at the time regarding this episode……. 

Is cricket a ball game of divinity?

SL cricket team visits Sri Dalada Maligawa

I would like to see your thoughts!

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  1. One of my friends told the
    One of my friends told the same thing when we were discussing the state of SL cricket few days ago. Many foreigners/ non Buddhists visit Dalada Maligawa daily but no one forces them to offer flowers or to make religious gestures. You have to be very careful when dealing with other faiths, specially when you are at a sacred place.

  2. Do not cast aspersions on
    Do not cast aspersions on offering flowers & paying homage at Dalada. If at all it gave Mathew who is hiding his injuries to get his money some time to survive. What benefits Dickwella got by making crossings on each stroke, went from bad to worse form & dropped from the team!

  3. For the above comment,
    For the above comment, Niroshan Dickwella has his Catholic Faith, who are you to imply that there were no “benefits” of Making the Sign of the Cross and as result of no “benefits” Niroshan Dickwella was dropped from the team! Dickwella is an athlete and like all athletes around the world, they have good days and bad days and they go through times with different patches of form, regardless of the sport. If players want to go to Religious sites of their Faith or of other Faiths, that is their own right and own decision to make and should not be forced by anyone at SLC or any other sports organization. Having said that, Sri Dalada Maligawa is a religious site for Buddhists, and must be and is respected by its pilgrims and people of other Faiths in Sri Lanka for the most part, and should a player on his or her own free will make an offering at Sri Dalada Maligawa, despite not being Buddhist that would be his or her own choice.

    Don’t make disparaging comments about Niroshan Dickwella and his Catholic Faith, and imply that by Making the Sign of the Cross Niroshan Dickwella did not receive any “benefits” and that eventually he was dropped from the team. Furthermore Making the Sign of the Cross is a very important gesture in Catholicism and Christianity, so don’t make comments that it does not have “benefits” as you said in your comment! If you don’t agree with other Religions and their Customs, keep to yourself!

  4. IMHO it would have been
    IMHO it would have been better for Anji to have been dropped in 2017 for not being an “Yes” man….. This is how things work in Sri Lanka where the people in power show you that you need to tag their line to be in your place they do not have the confidence to stand on their own what ever happen as a consequence. Also unfortunately the new generation is poor in decision making due to bad parenting in most parts. I do admire Sanga and Mahela with all the SLC bungling still they were able to fight for the what was good for cricket at the time. I am pretty sure many time they would have threatened to walk out. That is the leadership we need. Unfortunately I do not see that is Chandimal also as he was willing to suck a lozinger to win!.

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