Whats with these grounds and wickets

Folks, from what I read the RPS wicket is the same if not worse than it was before which makes no sense at all. How can you relay a wicket and end up with the same? May be you can – hey I am no expert in this field – but then why bother with relaying. If I recall there is a similar problem with the Dambulla wicket as well. Why does SLC keep comming up with these sort of options when most followers want to see good cricket. Ok low scoring games can be thrillers too but if you cant play test cricket on the wickets it a failure – case in point being RPS and Dambulla.

Now we have two new venues in Kandy and Hamba and again from what I read the Hamba wicket is sticky and difficult to bat on. What is with SLC and these wickets. The older wickets of the SSC and PSara are usually sporting wickets offering good value to batsman and bowlers and usually assists spinners which is to be expected. 

I sincerely hope these new grounds have decent wickets which will enable cricket to be played and this includes test cricket. SLC built in Dambulla to get away from the rain but Dambulla is yet see test cricket!!

The other obvious issue is which club will use these groounds as their home. I dont think there is a home team for Dambulla. It’ll be very hard to cultivate a cricket culture at a venue where there is no cricket played other than the odd international game ever so often.

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