What SL had to do in that late stage of WC – Prior insight Jehan/Roshan/Russel

LISTEN to Jehan Mubarak & Roshan Abeysinghe in the above video segment
1) FROM 5:30 minutes POINT onwards.

LISTEN to Russel in the above video  segment 
2)  FROM  3:12 minutes POINT onwards.

Listen to the valuable prior insight provided by three SL analysts in Cricket,  Roshan, Jehan & Russel in 2 different occasions, about what SL needed to do at that late stage of WC preliminary round. If the selectors had the same vision as they did, today SL would have ended up playing in the Finals Vs Aus, as reached in the previous Two WCs. Unfortunately, after 28 years no subcontinent team is in the Finals this time. It was not beyond SL's reach, when Sanga, Dilly were in such a good form & Malinga was on the verge of getting his rhythm back. As the analysts were saying, all that we needed was some additional hands with experience in batting to deal with big time pressure & pick the huge gaps opened up for capable batters, in current ODIs (since the new rules came in to effect in 2013).Certainly a player who holds the record as the SL's 3rd most frequent boundary maker (balls faced per boundary) would have boosted up the batting strength & given a hand with big partnerships that the side desperately needed.

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