What it takes for Sri Lanka to qualify for the ICC WT20

As of  May 10, 2010, Group F, to which Sri Lanka, West Indies, India and Australia belong, has only one clear semi finalist – Australia. The remaining three teams still have a chance of making it through to the semi finals of the ICC World twenty20.

Although Australia look certain to make it, there is still an outside chance of them loosing the semi final spot.

In the event West Indies defeat Australia by a huge margin (more than 87 runs) and if Sri Lanka beat India by an equally large margin (68 runs), Australia’s run rate could be overshadowed by West Indies and Sri Lanka.

For Sri Lanka to qualify, beating India tomorrow alone will not guarantee them a semi final birth. If Sri Lanka defeat India by less than 20 runs and West Indies beat Australia by more than 20 runs, West Indies will have a better run rate which will see the hosts through.

What does it take for Sri Lanka to go through?

  • Win against India and Australia defeat West Indies.

  • If West Indies beat Australia, Sri Lanka will need to have won against India by a margin larger than West Indies’ victory against Australia.

Cricinfo has a detailed analysis of all scenarios here.

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