We took a bullet for you Pakistan, has your skipper forgotten?

Pakistan’s T20 and ODI skipper Shahid Afridi says that Pakistan has always been there for its subcontinental neighbours but we have not.

When asked about the absence of a Pakistani team in the CLT20 tournament, the skipper said that India has never supported Pakistan.

In the same breath, Afridi told the Geo Super channel that when it came to supporting Pakistan all it’s Asian neighbours (India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka) have isolated them insisting that his nation has supported them at all times.

Perhaps Shahid has already forgotten the fact that when no one was willing to tour Pakistan, the Sri Lankan cricket authorities ignored the obvious warning signs and sent their cricket team to Pakistan only to be shot at and almost killed. Did he forget that his nation could not and has not returned the courtesy and the support offered by it’s Asian brethren by preventing vicious attacks against their people and their sportsmen carried out by Pakistani citizens?

It’s possible Shahid has forgotten that many of Sri Lanka’s top Test players were hospitalised for months, and that some still have bullets and shrapnel lodged in them from their Pakistani nightmare.

The following is Afridi’s comments posted on the Calcutta Telegraph,

Asked about the continued absence of any Pakistani T20 squad in the lucrative Champions League, Afridi said India have never been supportive. “Leave alone the Champions League, tell me when has India ever supported Pakistan cricket?” Afridi said.

“The truth is we have always been there to support India, Sri Lanka or Bangladesh. But when time came for them to support us, they left us isolated. It is time we realised that Pakistan does not have many friends internationally and it is time we learnt to become self-reliant,” he added.

Pakistani’s should be ashamed by the comments made by Ijhaz Butt and now their skipper. After having wronged for so many years, it’s time they stopped pointing fingers at others.

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