We need the game stay clean – Angelo Mathews

Financial Crime investigation division (FCID) of Sri Lanka questioned Sri Lanka cricket captain Angelo Mathews for a statement today(19) at their head quarters in Colombo. 

Angelo Mathews made a statement when he back from the premises to the media as a clarification on his presence. His name was in headlines during last couple of days in several media institutions in Sri Lanka.

The investigation started by FCID after the Minister of Sports complain regarding the infulence made to Rangana Herath and Kusal Janith Perera for match fixing during the West Indies tour. 

"They called me to give a statement today about the incident made on Rangana Herath and Kusal Janith." said Angelo Mathews to the media." 

"Me personally as the captain and our team independently came up to report the match fixing attempt to the ICC, SLC and officials to prevent such incidents, sadly few of media institutions and Web news portals used  the incident to sling mud and discomfort players. Its being a very sad situation for me and the team mates."

"I sincerely thank the Sports Minister & SLC for trying to keep the game clean."

"As players each and everyone like to keep the game clean, as the captain Me & the team love the game a lot and looking forward to keep the game fair and clean."

Angelo also made a kind request from the media institution to report facts for the public. 

"I ask all media to reveal the truth for the pubic, this is not an investigation made against players. The investigation is against suspects influenced players." 

Angelo expressed his frustration after seeing all the misleading stories made to the public.

"According to the Anti Corruption code, we should inform if there a influence. So, that why I asked them to inform the incident for the officials(ICC). as senior players we should help our youngsters if there a such incident." 

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) suspended a netbowler namely Gayan Vishwajith the main suspect involved in the above incident, from all SLC related activities. And also they suspended his superior, the fast bowling coach of the SLC academy Anusha Samaranayake for two months to help the ongoing investigation.

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