Water, water everywhere – Aney is it true?

The Sunday Times in Sri Lanka has a column called Aney is it True by Nam. The author has a lot of inside information, and generally he/she is on the ball.

I like spending my Sundays trying to decipher the riddles and the innuendo. More often than not I come across one or two that leaves me scratching my head.

So, I thought it would be better if we tried deciphering this together, collectively. What I can’t figure out, or what I get wrong, you can correct me by leaving a comment.

The original article is here.

What a come down! A former women cricket skipper has been told to act as the water girl to a set of cricketers who are taking part in a competition. What a let down they say! A former skipper and leading player is now to be the water girl!

They can only be talking of Shashikala Dedunu Siriwardene. She was once the captain of the Sri Lanka women’s cricket team and a top run scorer in women’s cricket in Sri Lanka. Last year Shashikala Siriwardene, opening batsman Dedunu Silva and all-rounder Suwini de Alwis were dropped from squad for the ICC Women’s World Twenty20 2009. The only explanation given was that they were dropped over disciplinary issues. This year the trio have been included but the former skipper has not reclaimed her position as captain.

A minor picketing had taken place at the Citadel because they were not given bonuses this year. The picketing had been of a very small scale so that news of it will not leak outside.

If I am not mistaken, the Citadel is the SLC headquarters? I have heard that some of the staff at SLC have not been paid their bonuses. This probably refers to that?

After the elections the guys at the Citadel are said to be working double hard to finish their tenders in case the Interim is changed. The talk is that the a leading youngster is to take the reigns to clean up the Augean stables as the big wigs are now aware of the things that are taking place at this place.

As the story goes, after the recently concluded parliamentary elections, we are to expect major changes within SLC administration. Some even say the interim committee is on it’s last legs and we will see big changes very soon. Rumours are rife that the youngster could be Rajapaksa Jnr. So those with vested interests are trying to get their deals through before all this goes down.

Nothing but a family gathering that is what the recent cricket bash had been. The news is that the organizer of the event had invited all his kith and kin and they have enjoyed the bash to the hilt. Not done ole’ man!

Is the author talking about the World Cup 2011 function held on Good Friday? Apparently the event was held for the media to announce the sale of tickets and mascot, but the majority of the journalist who were to attend were Christian or Catholic and they missed the event. SLC staff had invited their family and friends to fill the seats.

Looks like the Citadel is drowning in its own…….whatever it is. The overdraft to banks counts for over 536lakhs of rupees a month. At the same time they also have no dollar reserves. Then on top of all the ‘eye see see, also have turned down a request for a WC advance. What a shame for the biggest money spinner!

Yes, cricket is the biggest money spinner in Sri Lanka. No other sport generates this much revenue on the island. Yet, we are still a financially bankrupt cricket board. Despite millions generated, SLC still operates on it’s bank overdraft. However, to be fair to Somachandra De Silva (that is the name of the chairman of our interim committee who you never hear of because Junior Ranatunga is really the man behind the wheel and Somey is just another puppet) the SLC bank accounts were deep into it’s overdraft before he arrived.

When Dandi heard that Loku is to be replaced by Jonny Boy he sprang into action and took some vital files WC files along with him. However this lifting of files from the Citadel is a much occurring thing. Whenever there is a change the files start to fly out of the doors.

This one has left me scratching my head. I know who ‘Loku’ is, it’s the former Sports Minister Gamini Lokuge. But who is ‘Dandi’? Regardless, isn’t it shameful that documents from within SLC can "disappear" to hide the trail of corruption?

Ksiri – Loku’s confidante and the maintenance man at the Citadel came along with Lalith at midnight removed some TV deal docs from the Citadel. However they did not forget to tell security to forget the matter. But, the poor uniformed man made a log entry about the visit of the VIPs at night.

So Gamini Lokuge is hiding something. Was Ranatunga and Hashan right after all? Did the Sports Minister sign dubious TV deals which he gained from financially? Why else would his henchmen remove sensitive documents that ties the former Sports Minister to a TV deal?

Help me unravel the rest. Here is the link again. Post what you know below. If I’ve got anything wrong in the above, forgive me. Just correct me by leaving a comment.

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