Vote for The Greatest ODI Batsman – Sanath Jayasuriya

From Aug 31,2009,, along with SportsCenter India, Score Tonight and Inside Cricket, are running a joint Online – On-Air initiative to decide which star from a whole host of great batsmen has made the biggest impact on the high-octane, adrenaline-pumping world of one-day International Cricket.


A stellar list of batting stars including Sanath JayasuriyaBrian Lara, Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and Ricky Ponting are short-listed for the right to be crowned “The Greatest ODI Batsman” – and it is your vote that will decide who wins.


Below, you’ll see a list of sixteen batsmen who have wowed Cricket crowds over the years. When voting opens, we’re looking for you to decide exactly who was “The Greatest" ODI Batsman ever.

At present Sanath Jayasuriya is competing with M.Bevan and Sanath is leading in the race for the next round with approx 9% lead.

He shall be facing Saeed Anwar next.

I request all Sri Lankan and Sanath Jayasuriya fans to vote for Sanath Jayasuriya till the poll ends,as many times as possible and give Sanath the place he deserves.

Greatest ODI Batsman of all time – Sanath Jayasuriya.

Here is the link to vote :

Note : The mechanism to decide the winner is as follows:


  1. Sixteen Batsmen – past and present – have been shortlisted.
  2. This list has been chosen by a group of ESPN STAR Sports representatives. From now on, it’s your choice as to who wins.
  3. The voting mechanism will be in the form of a knock-out.
    1. The 16 will be paired against each other in a knockout draw chosen at random.
    2. Pairings will then be made available for the public to cast their votes for a set period.
    3. The "winner" (i.e. the person with the bigger percentage of votes cast) will go through to the next round – while the loser will be "eliminated"
  4. This voting process is repeated for the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final scheduled to be held from 09 – 21 September.
  5. The winner will then be announced during the Champions Trophy pre show on Tuesday 22nd September.

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  1. well no other player has over
    well no other player has over 10000 runs and over 300 wickets so please deal closed. and tendulkar try and beat that. 36 now but huffing and puffing at the crease after scoring 25 runs. can’t beat the lion power.

    • well lahiru we r talking abt
      well lahiru we r talking abt the greatest odi baten not ed from test cricket capabilities… ur say of 300 wickets is irrelevant……and by the way jaysuriya has retired from test cricket and tendulkar is still playing test cricket so ur say of the fitness levels of tendulkar is again irrelevant…

  2.  Time to vote for Aravinda..
     Time to vote for Aravinda.. Options are open now !

    Im sure Sanath would reach semi – finals of the contest easily as Indians vote for this in highest numbers and they would never allow a Pak player (Saeed Anwar)  to reach till there, but in semi’s Sanath would probably face Saurav. That would be interesting and a tough hurlde to cross,

    Once if thats done, Im sure it would be Sanath Jayasuriya vs Sachin tendulkar Final

    •  I have already posted a
       I have already posted a thread in SLcricket too long time back, but didnt get much response maybe its filled with too many Sanath haters than ones who respect him for the contributions he has made to SLC , infact to World Cricket

  3. The ESPN voting system is
    The ESPN voting system is flawed. The votes are not restricted by IP address. If you refresh the screen after voting you can keep voting. So this poll is pretty darn useless if it’s not accurate….There was also a virus warning when I first went on to vote.

    •  Yeah I know this is crap and
       Yeah I know this is crap and over 70% voters are from India, but still when I saw Sanath and Aravind’s name on the list I didnt want to easily give up.

      Im sure Its gonna be Ganguly or Sachin, who’ll end up being the winner, Still lets not let our Heroes down. Keep voting, we’ll do our best voting for the ones who have entertained us so much all their career. 

    Good News !! As expected

    Good News !! As expected Sanath Jayasuriya has deservingly reached the Semi-Finals of the Poll and would be facing a tough challenge from Indian voters, as he shall be facing Saurav Gamguly to enter the Finals.

    Mean while Voting is on for 2nd semifinal spot and Aravinda is surprisingly leading against Sehwag at this time 10:30 IST.

    Keep voting guys !!

  5.  Good News !! Sanath
     Good News !! Sanath Jayasuriya & Aravinda De Silva have reached the Semi-Finals of the Poll.

    But the bad news is both are trailing against Sachin and Saurav respectively by small margin.
    Time to vote as many times as possible and make a Sri Lankan win this poll, hopefully Sanath Jayasuriya 

      Wow !!! Thanks for the

      Wow !!! Thanks for the response guys, but I still feel ESPN Star is playin games here… I wont be surprised to see these stats being opposite by tomo morning… Atlast its business for ESPN.. Keep Voting

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