[Video] Mahela Jayawardene addressing the media on his decision to step down as skipper

The Daily Mirror has published a video of Mahela addressing the media at the SLC headquarters in Colombo. The link to the video is located below. Mahela talks on his experiences with the administration and how he has used every experience including the negative ones to develop himself as a better cricketer. 

"I only worry about things I can control and not things that are out of my control," he stated when discussing the issues faced within the administration that governs Sri Lanka Cricket.

When asked what kind of problems the current administration is faced with at the moment. Mahela responded with a witty "That’s a question you should ask the administrators themselves".

"I am not experienced in administrative duties much, but when there is an issue which involves the team directly, we do get together as a unit and find a solution," he added.

Below is a rough transcript of the press conference.

Media: You were skipper for Three years. Do you feel you were successful?

Mahela:  That’s not something I can say. That’s up to the media and the public to decide.

Media: Do you think that Sri Lanka should have a different unit for T20 cricket and a different unit for other Internationals?

Mahela: We need to have a mix. We have some good T20 players. We need to nurture them as well as build a unit of players with a healthy mix. Test specialist, ODI specialist, and T20 specialists.

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