[Video] Injured Sri Lankan Cricketers being air lifted out of Gaddafi Stadium, Pakistan

A Pakistani military helicopter evacuates the Sri lankan Cricket Team from the Gadaffi Stadium in Lahore. The cricketers were targeted by a dozen gunmen in a brazen terrorist attack.

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  1. Pakistan Stands with Sri Lanka
    I wanted to email you on behalf of the Pakistani people that Pakistan stands with Sri Lanka after the evil attack in Lahore today.

    My post on Other Pakistan- is repeated here:

    I am lost for words.

    I am so livid at the satanic attack that targeted the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore. It is act of pure evil and I am sorry for my language here but the bastards who did this to our guests will pay. They will rot in hell in the afterlife and in this life too I assure you, if I get my hands on them.

    This post says sorry and asks for forgiveness from the Sri Lankan cricket team who graced Pakistan with their presence ignoring at their peril, as it now seems the perilous security situation. And so here is a message from the Pakistani people to the Sri Lanka cricket team, please forgive us for not providing you the security you deserved. As a nation we are heartbroken that we could not protect our guests.

    Like the image of our two flags together Pakistan and Sri Lanka must not let this evil act stand in the way of an enduring friendship. Pakistanis stand with Sri Lankans today and forever as friends.

    I will leave the politics and the implications of today’s tragedy to another post except to say that the Indian glee evidenced by the Congress Party branding Pakistan as the ‘epicentre and fountainhead of terror’ has not escaped me. Neither has the comment from Nabeel Gabol escaped my attention that this was a revenge attack for Mumbai and that it was a ‘declaration of open war from Indian to Pakistan’. Let us not forget the history involved and that RAW created and sustained the Tamil Tigers whilst Pakistan has supported successive Sri Lankan governments.

    Regardless of the motives and the politics of today’s evil, this post must serve as a clarion call to the conscious of the Pakistani nation. I for one cannot see Pakistan go to the dogs. I cannot do more than ask the nation to reclaim our collective soul and rise against the militants and our client puppet governments alike who seek to divide us . Let us together extinguish this fire.

    Sri Lanka and Pakistan Zindabad.

    Long Live Sri Lanka and Pakistani Friendship


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