Unlike SLC, Cricket Australia makes fans and Test cricket priority

Watch the videos below. While the Sri Lankan cricket board (SLC) culls Test cricket from its schedule,  Australia makes a lot of money from the five-day format and also gives a lot back to the public to keep the fans, especially the youngsters, coming back to watch Test matches.

This is why we will never be a good Test side. We have uneducated, ageing, degenerates and politicians’ lackeys at the board who can’t seem do anything right and are unable come up with means to generate revenue like Cricket Australia (CA) does and develop the sport.

The videos below show how CA makes money through large corporate sponsors, while at the same time offering fans plenty of value for their match tickets with free give-aways, activities and competitions.

One doesn’t need to look any further than the videos produced below by CA to understand the formula behind the organisation’s success. Instead of handing the production of its videos for CATV, their official YouTube channel, to a peon at the office; Australia has invested money to hire the right people for the job — a professional video/media production company.

In Sri Lanka’s case, they do not currently even have the right people for the most important positions within the board, let alone the right people in their marketing department who understand what interests sponsors.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. The Sri Lankan board is penniless after the board spent way more than it could afford on construction of stadiums for the 2011 World Cup. This is not speculation, but a widely reported fact that has been admitted by the sports minster and other officials— the board was in nearly US$70 million in debt and struggled to pay wages of staff and players for months as a result.

Nishantha Ranatunga was one of the officials in charge of the committee that ran the ship aground and he, along with the rest of the officials currently at the helm, are incapable of reversing the dire financial crisis that is hindering the development of cricket in Sri Lanka. It is because the board is broke that Tests are being replaced with ODIs and T20s. And it is because the board has unscrupulous individuals in charge that instead of getting the best deal out of TV rights deals, a fledgling TV station was handed broadcast rights.

Sri Lanka can do without former cricketers and friends of the ruling family at the board. It’s time that our talented cricketers are backed by educated, qualified professionals.

Every year that these SLC executive committee members are in charge, Sri Lanka cricket feels like it’s being taken back five years or more, doesn’t it?

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