Too much cricket!

I never thought that I would write a piece with a title such as this! Then again, as the James Bond film title goes: "Never say never".

I am heartily sick of the amount of (largely mediocre but with a few exceptions) cricket that has been played and continues to be played all over the world. Professional cricketers and the organising bodies that they represent are obviously “minting” money. But is this the purpose of sport?

Isn’t sport meant to be for entertainment, when talented individuals give their all and make us armchair wannabes, scream with delight and disgust as the case may be? Instead, we see bored professional sportsmen doing enough to be selected for the next game (so that they get paid) and getting out when their places are secure. No thought to getting the desired result for their team or even giving a thought as to who is left to do the job. After all, this is still supposed to be a team sport. Right?

We have bowlers who play when they wish to, not when their country requires them to. Even the intensity of performance seems to be based on if they think they can do something of note without risking injury.

Of course one can’t really blame them, how is it possible to mentally and physically play so much cricket in such a short time? The real blame should lie with those who arrange these highly crowded schedules but they too are dictated to by various financial misadventures that their predecessors and even their very governments have got into.

The television companies seem to think that cricket fans will pay to watch anything. Anything constituting of 4-ball overs, because the advertisements take so long and no provisions are made for no balls by mindless technicians and producers. Furthermore, I wonder which marketing text book says that eght hours of the same advertisement is thought to be beneficial to the advertiser? I, for one, have made many decisions not to buy products based on the advertisements that I have been forced to watch during what passes for “live” cricket matches.

All this combined with the match fixing allegations, honey-pot trapping of players and a governing body that carries a huge bias for the Caucasian races who play the game is making this one time ardent fan of the game totally disgusted.

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