To: SLC, Subject: Untitled!

Over the past couple of months, based on where we were to where we are now, what do you think of our boys performances?

I honestly am not satisfied at all.

After the T20 WC, you’d expect to see rise in the Sri Lanka’s game plan, but honestly, it appears every time our team peaks, we have to expect a sudden fall out in performances.

A good example would be dating back to the World Cup in 07. We peaked, did really well, but then right after that, we got the sh*t beaten out of us in Abu Dhabi! And then a sudden die down in our reputation.

Pretty much the same routine all the time really. Same applies to the recent T20..

Now some of you may disagree with me and say we batted really well, but im being frank. You go to win games, not come off a series saying.. "oh, yeah buddy, we aaaaalllmooost did it!"

What a pathetic excuse?! You think that sorta sh*t flies with other teams? We are too naive as a people.

Its nice to see some young blood in the team.

Honestly, from the time i remember, i have supported Murali, Vaasy and Sana.. But honestly am happy to see them go, ’cause its time. Everything has an expiration date!

Murali made his mind up, but Sanath.. I was really disappointed in what he said..

"If Arjuna was captain he would have given me confidence!" – I mean seriously? You are a legend. You should be giving the younger guys confidence, not the other way around..

GOOD EXAMPLE : Sachin Tendulkar!

Yes Mr. Sanath Jaysuriya, you are a legend to me.. and always will be one of my favourite cricketers of all time, but before you dig your grave any further and drop your average below 25, you need to go out on a high..

I dont remember any of our players getting a respectable send off from the 2 major formats of the game; You deserve that!. I hope you are not sidelined from now on.

Saying stuff like, "I’d like to play for another 6 months and then see", is rather selfish if you ask me! Six months after YOUR six months is not enough time to groom a young gun for the World Cup in 2011! Period!

However, I have a feeling its all about ego from here on in.. I guess one or two great performances in the next 6 months from Sanath, and he might call it quits.. (heres hoping that happens!)..

Leaving out TM Dilshan, the rest of the team.. theres nothing to write home about. I guess in Sri Lanka’s stand today, you take out Dilshan, and there goes any fear other teams have of Sri Lanka.

You honestly think Sanga and Mahela scare teams? Tests yes.. ODI’s I highly doubt it.

Makes you wonder what sort of say and pull Mahela has within this administration? Especially over Sangakkara! That tool should have remained captain. He was a good captain. Now he is a dead weight!

We as fans have asked many questions, but honestly, we will never see the right answers.. But if you are from the administration reading this, here are a few ideas to go by:

  1. Please kick Ashantha De Mel out
  2. Please hire a Psychiatrist. Sanga is going to need one sooner or later.
  3. Please get a new coach. I hear Haturusinghe has done a good job with the A team.. We need to start using our own kind, cause coaching comes with passion for the game and most of all the country. Dav Whatmore was a good example of this..(SRI LANKAN BLOOD!)
  4. Please stop switching bowlers like changing underwear.. These guys need a few games to really make an impact.. You stick with Kulesekera, so I dont see why you shouldn’t with Prasad, and a couple of the new boys..
  6. We also need a good FTP.. and no more playing Bangladesh!. 😉 For heavens sake, use your damn balls and stand up against the BCCI and ICC for once!

Lets start with this for now.. 🙂

Hope you people have a great new year and hopefully 2010 will be a year of excitement and happiness for all us Sri Lankan Fans!

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