Time to stand up for WORLD CUP WINNING players – Show your support by VOTING TO REMOVE CURRENT ADMINS

Even after these great cricketers have brought our nation a WORLD CUP, the current executive members of SLC are still on a mission to PUNISH, not REWARD these champions.

The present administrators have no concerns what so ever, in going to media outlets and issuing damaging comments and statements about cricketers, without even having a proper inquiry, and while they are on important tours.

Just in the recent past they have done that with Sangakkara’s IPL vs Home team choice, contract negotiations and retirement topics. Yet, when a player expresses disappointment in how they are treated, these same officials want to have a disciplinary hearing! And that too, right after these cricketers have brought the country a WORLD CUP!!

Sri Lanka cricket and cricketers have suffered enough under this leadership within SLC. The current administration is infested with corruption and financial mishandling to the point where they can’t even pay enough to retain a coach. It is time that fans stand up against this corrupt administration by showing their opposition and demanding their removal! Please sign the petition.

Please share this information with the cricket loving public and encourage their participation in this fight to remove the corrupt cricket administrators.

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