Thin at the top

1 century stand.

2 scores of more than 50.

4 batsmen.

18 innings.

12 long months.

Sanaths gone. SL are yet to move on. 4 different combinations have been tried and still Sri Lanka cant find a decent opening pair cool enough to match Marvan and Sanath.

Vandort, too often he planted his giraffe legs on off stump and nicked it to first slip, to the tune of 17 runs on average in 12 months.

Prasanna Jayawardene, who can’t even put together decent innings at his usual no 6 or 7 was pushed up against Bangladesh. Which resulted in a 1st ball duck and a 20, PJ was quickly pushed back down and the selectors pretended it never happened.

Paranavitana just debuted, another first baller and then ran himself out. Its early days to pass any judgement on him.

Its pretty clear that the selectors arn’t really sure who should open. That’s the thing about openers, you need to have two solid players at the top of the innings who can be relied upon to deliver, in all conditions. At the moment, the selectors don’t know who that should be. And that’s a big worry.

Mahela Udawatte is an obvious choice, and scored a decent 85 just a day ago in the inter-prov. He seems to have a handle in the ODIs, but you just never know till he plays.

The only thing remotely close to a constant in all this that the selectors seem to think Malinda Warnapura has something about him. He has partnered the other 3 guys who have been tried out. Exactly what they see, we are not quite sure.

Yes, he has made runs in all the domestic comps. Yes, he has made a few runs in his short stint for SL. But there are so many bleeding holes in his technique outside off stump that his replacement cant be too far away either.

At least he has been given a good run. Which is good. And he averages 45 in the last year, even with his limited ability. Which is nifty for your first year on the job.

Hopefully the selectors find someone they think deserves a similar go at the other end.


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