They say cats have nine lives…. It seems Thri has got even more!

They say Cats have NINE lives…but it seems,  LUCKY  THIRI has even more!  When Tharanga edges a ball just once from 100 balls, he has a weakness in many SL eyes, including the so called SELECTORS.! (He was mostly not so Lucky as Thiri to get any Lives or Consecutive Chances from Selectors as seen throughout his career).

Consecutive Lives of Thirimanne in this WC so far:  

1) Vs Eng – 3.3 Over- Broad to Thiri,  EDJED & DROPPED a simple one – Lucky 4 runs!  

2)  Vs BD -0.4 Ovr – Mortaza to Thiri,  EDJED & DROPPED a dolly by sloppy slip!  

3)  Vs BD – 8.5 Over – EDGED  Mashrafe outside off again & DROPPED –Lucky 4 runs!

4)  Vs AF – 0.1 Over –  LBW Out. missed the Luck this time.

 5)  Vs NZ – 0.4 Over -Southee to Thir'si outside EDGE missed the slip!

6) Vs NZ – 16.2 Over -Elliott to Thiri, straightforward LOB to McCullum – DROPPED.!

How Lucky it can be..? Later on in his inning yesterday, certainly he had played really well, making full use of that Pure Luck rides with him so far. Hope he would get many more like that in the coming matches as well. Experienced Upul Tharanga can now carry the towel & drinks to the middle, in his Newly Assigned Role by our "Team Management Authorities". As it appears, they simply got him down at this late stage, just to assign him those important duties. This latest "gesture" seems to have resulted only in avoiding this poor lad from leading his team NCC, to another success this year, in domestic premiere league.

My sole purpose of giving those "outside-the-off stump -EDGING" lives was to open up the eyes of many blind followers, gullible to slanders spread by malicious culprits in SL cricket (to fulfill their own agendas). As any who touched the leather with willow would know, this edging tendency is common to any opener. Above facts were given to prove the point yet again about the SELECTIVE CRITICISM, unfairly laid upon an extremely talented single sole, who has been vastly discriminated, just because his origin is outside the limits of PULL-FILLED Kingdom of COLOMBO.

Undoubtedly, Thiri is a technically sound good young player for the future (compared to Dimuth & the rest of new-bunch) & certainly his last inning was a superb one. I never intended to take that credit away from him.

The good thing is, Thiri's lives may have set-off some of the costly lapses SL experienced throughout during this WC, thanks to SL's SLOPPY fielding…as long as these authorities & Mathews are there to take care of, Dimuth Karunarathne can keep HIS PLACE in the team, MORE SECURE than the place reserved for Rising Sun in Eastern Sky, every morning   !


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  1. Don’t be so bitter and DISS
    Don’t be so bitter and DISS ur own players. have some boundaries for ur PLAYER WHORSHIPING… :D))

    i would rather have KJP open instead of Thirimanne too, but he has most recently stacked up 7 50 partnerships with Dilshan..

    look at ur precious Tharanga’s record at similar stage of Thirimanne’s career:;spanmax1=1+Jun+2010;spanmin1=01+Jan+2000;spanval1=span;template=results;type=batting

    He has a VERY similar average to Thirimanne; average of 32.48… and Thirimanne got limited opportunities to OPEN and he STILL equals Tharanga in terms of consistency…

    don’t be like the idiot indians who wish that their own team & players go to hell just for the sake of their own favorits… :D))))

  2. and if u wanna talk abt Upul
    and if u wanna talk abt Upul “the edged” Tharanga have a look at this 100 of his:

    listen from 5:59 to the commentators talking abt LUCK of Tharanga……

    was one of the ‘edgiest’ 100s i have ever seen. even the commentators took the micky out of him that day…making it even more awkward to look at.

    PS: i wasn’t gonna talk abt this 100 of Tharanga in many arguments, but u crossed the line here insulting our own players, just for the sake of making ur FAVORITE look good.. :D)

  3. @seethrough, noted Thiri’s
    @seethrough, noted Thiri’s ‘lives’ but I wouldnt focus on that alone, especially to make a point for another player. Everyone gets their chances and thankfully we have the “average” meausre. I would focus on SL’s 7 50+ starts in 2015 (Dilly and Thiri) (the next best is 3!) and most of them againt a serioulsy potent NZ attack.

  4. I give Lahiru credit for
    I give Lahiru credit for yesterday’s knock for making the most of his lives and making the Englishmen pay for their mistake.
    A bit like Root cashed in, Thiramanne did the same. That’s what you have to do when you are given some luck/a life…make it count. He hasn’t always done this past, but yesterday he did.

  5. @ SeeThrough: Hey Bro…. Pls
    @ SeeThrough: Hey Bro…. Pls appreciate and give them some support when one of player performs well…. Don’t underestimate and stick only on ur plane….. Yes u r correct he got two lives but the Innings was remarkable…. 🙂

  6. @ Lankanb:
    You are right

    @ Lankanb:

    You are right Thiri’s last inning was superb & i never intended to take that credit away from him. Thiri is certainly a player for the future with solid batting skills (unlike Dimuth & the rest of the clowns tried at top, wasting 2 yrs) but i think he is best suited at Mahela,s position as a 2 down batter, not as an Opener.

    My sole purpose of giving those “outside-the-off stump -EDGING” lives was to open up the eyes of many blind followers, gullible to slanders spreaded by malicious culprits in SL cricket, to fulfill their own agendas.

    This edging tendency common to any opener, clearly proved the point yet again about the SELECTIVE CRITICISM, unfairly laid upon a vastly discriminated, extremely talented poor guy UT, originated from outside the Kingdom of pull-filled COLOMBO & came to the top in the hardest way, through pure talent & productivity.

    Certainly that inning was remarkable.

  7. @ UppercuT :
    So what is the

    @ UppercuT :

    So what is the big deal..?

    he has been playing as the number one opener facing the new ball almost his entire career except for 2,3 ins in the middle, still his 28% CWK is not vastly differ from other such openers, IF YOU CONSIDER THE WHOLE overall LIST FACING ONLY PACE BOWLERS. (the short list given by you is just a limited one not specific to facing pace bowlers) . Did you know Dilshan’s Percentage of CBW dismissals facing pace bowlers..? Have a look at this to get some idea.

    TM Dilshan : Caught Behind Dismissals facing Pace Bowlers 27.09%

    Facing pace bowlers -155 Dis – 35 bwd – 71 cfil – 42 CWK – 1 St – 6 lbw – 0 ro

    Dilly’s PERCENTAGE of Caught Behind Dismissals facing Pace Bowlers =

    42 CWK Dismissals / 155 Total Dismissals x 100 = 27.09 % CWK dismissals

    Remember, Dilly/ Sanath & so many Openers started their careers as a middle order batsman & part of their career were in the middle order facing mostly spin attacks & when calculating those overall stats quoted by you had never taken that factor for the calculation, purely based on total number of innings played facing all type of bowlers (spin & pace). Naturally an opener who had part of his innings played lower down would have lesser number of CBW dismissals than facing pacemen in seaming new ball phase of innings. That makes a big difference.

    As you can see clearly from Dilly’s stats given above, there is hardly any difference between Tharanga & Dilly’s Caught Behind dismissals facing Pace Bowlers in initial stage of such innings.

    Tharanga 28.93% CWK, & Dilly 27.09 % CWK

    The other most important thing is, if you are judging the Edging percentage of a player ONLY from Caught Behind Dismissals, that is pure Stupidity.

    We all know the most number of Edges come out of the blades of openers’, facing new ball Pace with Seam & Swing ended up in the hands of Slip Cordon. Therefore, it gives a much precise picture of edging probability, if you consider the number of CAUGHT dismissals of OPENERS, Facing Pace Bowlers ONLY, This was clearly given in a previous blog by @Humble Bee.

  8. @seethrough, RE: Humblebee’s
    @seethrough, RE: Humblebee’s “stats”; wat du kidding???? caught off PACE bowlers????? yeh narrows it down!! *NOT


    and i have NO idea where u got that info on Dilshan havin 42 Caught behind dismissals. according to the link i provided, of the current players Dilshan DOES NOT even have minimum 20 dismissals CAUGHT BEHIND…. read that table very carefully again… u need to have minimum 20 caught behind dismissals to make that table

    can u provide where u got that info.. in a table or something?

    Infact NO CURRENT ODI OPENER in any NATIONAL team is on that list with so many CAUGHT BEHINDS… means only 1 thing:

    Tharanga CANNOT deal withe the swinging conditions… and he is the WORST opener among the current lot when facing the new swinging ball..

    PS: btw great way to start your argument; when u are hit with REAL stats(not twisted ones) : “SO WHAT’s THE BIG DEAL? …… :D))))

  9. @ UppercuT:
    You said: i have

    @ UppercuT:
    You said: i have NO idea where u got that info on….. “Dilshan havin 42 Caught behind dismissals”…… according to the link i provided, of the current players Dilshan DOES NOT even have minimum 20 dismissals CAUGHT BEHIND……

    Exactly that is the point I wanted to stress. Look carefully at Dilly’s Overall Stats @ the SAME Website that you have quoted: It clearly says 49 CAUGHT BEHIND DISMISSALS
    for Dilshan..!!!! So No point Talking further. That is Why you should NEVER refer inaccurate stats at other places, other than CricInfo. They give all sorts of WRONG STATS. Always refer CricInfo for correct stats.

    Tillekeratne M Dilshan (Sri Lanka) – How Dismissed – Test Cricket
    Graphical Analysis of Dismissals Batting against

    145 (11 not out)

    Bowled 57 (23.4%)
    Caught 101 (41.4%)
    Caught Behind 49 (20.1%) <<------ 49 CBW (Facing Pace 42 + 07 Facing Spin) LBW 12 (4.9%) Stumped 4 (1.6%) Run Out 21 (8.6%) Hit Wicket 0 (0.0%) Handled Ball 0 (0.0%) Obstructed Field 0 (0.0%) Tillekeratne M Dilshan - Statistical Summary Player Records and Statistics Menu


    Batting Innings: 285
    Opened Batting: 158 (55%) <---which means 45% of Dilshans innings were NOT As an OPENER as I have pointed out before. Despite facing OLDER ball from pacemen in 45% of Dilly's innings, still he has a CAUGHT BEHIND percentage 27.09% similar to pure Opening Batsmen Tharanga, who had faced the seaming NEW BALL virtually in his Entire career innings 93% (except for a very few negligible 7% of his innings). ----------------------------------------------------------- According to CricInfo Dismissal Summary: ------------------ Dis - bwd - c fie - c wk - st - lbw pace bowler :---155 - 35 - 71 - 42 - 1 - 6 spin bowler :---- 65 - 21 - 29 - 6 - 3 - 6 mixture :----- ---- 24 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 0 - 0 So, certainly we have to consider CBW dismissals facing Pace Bowlers & it reads as 42 CBW Dismissals / 155 Total Dismissals x 100 = 27.09 % CWK dismissals.! Tharanga 28.93% CBW, & Dilly 27.09 % CBW Despite facing Older ball from Pacemen in 45% of Dilly's innings, NO SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE in Caught Behind Dismissals at all!

  11. It is really interesting to
    It is really interesting to read your analytical arguments Seethrough. i like the way you explain them with such accurate calculations and amazing statistics touching the base so deeply. it is a pleasure to read them and kind of a learning curve for me.

    Lahiru is a good player, although he gave lots of chances. i’m sure he will do well in next games too. upul should be included in the playing eleven for next match.



  13. TEST cricket???? TEST
    TEST cricket???? TEST CRICKET??????? do u have reading difficulties pal??? :D))))))




    and if Dilshan HAVENT bat as much as Tharanga as an opener, why are u so keen to compare him with Dilshan? Compare Tharanga with ANY OTHER opener who has opened.. say Adam Gilchrist, Virendra Sehwag… or even Sanath Jayasuriya who played 400+ matches and pretty sure way more than Tharanga as an opener…


    Just in case

  14. BTW another high profile
    BTW another high profile player in that CAUGHT BEHIND (25%) list is ALISTAIR COOK, who has even a slightly better ODI average than Tharanga… Guess where he is these days??? no where near Down Under that’s for sure… :D))))

  15. @ UppercuT::
    Who is talking

    @ UppercuT::

    Who is talking about Test cricket..? don’t try to divert the topic with foolish talk & accept the already proven facts as a sensible person.

    I don’t want to repeat things already given.

    You have clearly said in your posting @ #12
    : …….i have NO idea where u got that info on….. “Dilshan havin 42 Caught behind dismissals”…… according to the link i provided, of the current players Dilshan DOES NOT even have minimum 20 dismissals CAUGHT BEHIND…..

    Anyone who followed the thread in this blog can see from the following link @ the same inaccurate site ( that UppercuT had quoted with a bogus piece of overall stats), how that site is contradicting his own statement.

    Dilly’s ODI profile, with his dismissal modes, given at the same site in following link clearly says: That DIlshan had DISMISSED 49 times Caught Behind, hilariously CONTRADICTING uppercut’s own statement saying Diily doesn’t have even 20 caught behind dismissals..:-))) CHECK the Link & see how funny this is….

    It says Dilshan’s Caught Behind 49 ( less than 20 according to uppercut :)) LOL

    Tillekeratne M Dilshan (Sri Lanka) – How Dismissed – One Day Internationals

    NO point talking any further with someone with no modesty to admit or brain to understand. Wasting my time on something going beyond sanity is not my style. You may post any rubbish, i don’t care. My goal is to convey logical ideas to sensible people who like to read useful discussions & views with facts.


  16. Having talked about edgess of
    Having talked about edgess of Dilshan and Tharanga can we forget about how Tharanga ‘edged dilshan out’ of his own family and ran away with his wife? Who can assure that this incident is not in the minds of our players. Player ploitics may well be the reason behind tharanga’s exclusion too. @Seethrough why dont you conduct a statistical analysis and enlighten us mate. Tharanga is the man!

  17. @yahapalanaya: This is all
    @yahapalanaya: This is all gossip & we never know the actual.! There were lots of gossip about Dilshan’s affair with that actress, well before he deserted his wife & children. It could be the other way around. So we don’t know the actual truth. Is she married to Tharanga now? My feeling is these are pure fabrications just to sling mud, as we see very often in SL.

    Anyhow, these are all personal matters involved in personal lives. Certainly, that shouldn’t have interfere with National Team selection policies or appeared in gossip columns (mud slinging on celebrities is their main business) .

    I fully agree with SeeThrogh’s views regarding Tharanga’s unfortunate elimination.

  18. btw am surprised that u go
    btw am surprised that u go through all this trouble(to manipulate the real stats) after ur INITIAL reply of:

    “So what is the big deal..? ” (comment #11)


  19. @SeeThrough, YOU r the one
    @SeeThrough, YOU r the one who was bringing Test cricket here… –>>>>>>>check ur comment #14; just below the link u have provided; what do u say??? :D)))))

    The table I provided shows the HIGHEST % of CAUGHT BEHIND DISMISSALS and it REQUIRES to have AT LEAST 20 CAUGHT BEHIND DISMISSALS to be considered in that list. And even though Dilshan as 49 dismissals; it’s ONLY just about 20% in his overall dismissal percentage…

    may be u should put ur good time to improve the ‘comprehension reading’ skills than to MANIPULATE stats to make an average player like a superstar….

    Dilshan averages a WHOOPING 47.23 with a S/R of 88 as a PURE OPENER…. vs UT’s meager average of 33 something with a S/R of 73…I rest my case…. don’t even try to compare those two… :D)))

  20. @ UppercuT : don’t be a
    @ UppercuT : don’t be a bitter looser. if u can’t defend your point, just don’t waste the space with crap. just read the post Submitted by SeeThrough on March 3, 2015 – 10:30. #20

  21. @Seethrough, Buddy if your
    @Seethrough, Buddy if your trying to open the eyes of every one to back up the track record of Upul Tharanga, you need to wake up. His inclusion on top of KJP dazzled me, Upul Tharanga is a waste of space in this squad, answer this question, if SL is chasing 320+ score, would you rather have Tharanga or Thiri batting with Dilshan? Sometimes initial luck is what it takes to come through to form and win tournaments.

  22. @DVL, my argument is very
    @DVL, my argument is very very simple:

    Here is a list of contemporary and yesteryear batsmen who have HIGHEST percentage of getting CAUGHT BEHIND:

    and here is my point: show me ONE, just ONE opener playing in the ongoing WC APART from Tharanga in that LIST….

    and am still waiting for u or @SeeThrough to answer that question… it’s very simple… :D))

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