The Truth Behind Cricinfo Awards

Nowadays Cricinfo appears to be really biased towards Indians. Its main editor is an Indian, Sambit Bal. So its latest awards show indicates how biased they are now.

As expected all the top awards including Test batting, ODI batting, Best batsman of the year were bagged by Indians, but the biggest scandal is for me is the Twenty20 batting.

There are two main contenders as Gayle and Dilshan overtaking Afridi, but it’s eventually its Galye who has won that. This implements lot of questions as Dilshan’s unbeaten master class is far better than Gayls’s destruction in every aspect.

First on the context of the game, Dilly’s one is more valuable cause it took Sri Lanka to the finals. In contrast Gayle’s one came in a group match. Also Gayle got a fine support hand from Andre Fletcher who scored a half century while in Dilly’s case it’s a completely a lone hand-more than 61% of runs in Sri Lanka’s innings were scored by Dilshan-, and all others were struggled. So all and all Dilshan should have and must have won that award.

From Cricinfo point of view, their biggest fan base is from India. So they should protect that by favoring Indians. Award’s 14-men Jury contained four Indians while none from Sri Lanka. So it’s clear how Dilshan’s innings got neglected, after getting 38% votes in readers voting’s opposed to Gayle’s 24%.May be Editors thought it’s okay to have somebody demolished Australia, who are India’s biggest threat nowadays on their quest to No.1 team, other than an innings against West Indies.

They must stop this madness sooner than later.

Tharindu Chathuranga
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