The Sri Lankan cricket family- Season finale

The seasone finale of the show you loved the most.

Mr.Sangakkara – People suspect his family are the last descendants of the Royal family in Kandy. Grew up in a huge mansion and moved abroad after Kindergarden. You never see him apart from family gatherings. Relatives avoid talking to him because they can’t understand his accent. Even when he talks in Sinhalese. Smokes a pipe and wears a tweed coat with a creveat and top hat almost all the time. Recently bought a majority share of Mr. Mahela’s business and is thinking of moving the Business to India.

Mathews – Spent his teens abroad where he got into Xtreme sports. Having recently moved back home he finds it a little hard to fit in at family gatherings. Mr.Sangakkara has taken him under his wing and they are often seen together around the city. The young girls go crazy when he talks with his rough accent. Mothers are uneasy around him because they think he is a bad boy.

Ajantha Malli –Considered an academic genius – he was the youngest in the family to attend Uni and promptly aced the first year. Then he got in with the wrong sort and has struggled since. The whole family thinks he could win a Nobel prize if he puts his mind to it. Having lived most his life outside the capital he is quite shy and is always seen with his mother at family functions.

Murali Uncle – Having grown up in the hill country, he never did things the normal way. Not many in the family know that during his childhood Uncle Murali was a wild child. Always got into trouble with the authorities. His dad sent him abroad to boarding school but it didn’t matter. After getting through those rough years, he dedicated his life to charity work and helping others. His nonprofit organisation grew steadily and after a few years it ended up being a remarkable success story. Has a soft spot for Ajantha malli and has promised him a job at his company when he graduates.

Nuwan Malli – usually hangs out with Ajantha Malli. Doesn’t drink or smoke. The young girls think he has a lovely smile. Mothers adore him. Bit of a mama’s boy, Just got his drivers license and is proud of it. Very shy and smiles with everyone.

Malinga– Dropped out of school in his teens and moved down the coast to become a Surfer. Seems to have a permanent tan. Recently changed his name to just ‘Malinga’. When the family gets together he usually ends up behind the bar mixing funky cocktails. Attends weddings with a half buttoned Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses. A ladies man, the only thing Malinga enjoys more than the lassies is getting the crowd going to a Fugees song on the dance floor.

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