The Sri Lankan cricket family – episode 1

The Kardashians got nothing on this family.

Sanath Uncle – Your favourite uncle. He’s life of the party when he arrives and everyone flocks around him to hear his fantastic tales. Always sporting the biggest smile you’ve ever seen. Gets along with the grown ups and kids alike. His fashion sense is unique to him and usually wears mismatched ties with suspender pants. Built a massively successful business from the ground up. Now in his 80s, many relatives are waiting to see who he will leave the business to. Lives for Weddings and Baila music – where you are often embarrassed when he breaks out those ancient Baila moves.

Tharanga Malli- Son of Sanath Uncle. Growing up you played with him every time the family met up. During his formative years he was a brilliant student. Straight A’s all the way. The whole family thought he would take over his dads business till he got into some trouble. Lately he’s been a bit moody and struggles in Uni. Some think he had his dad had a fall out over a girl he did not approve.

Mr. Mahela – Born and bred in Colombo. Went to a private school. People find him unapproachable at times. No body thought he would do well but everyone knows he’d had success because he drives a Porche and has a pretty wife. You never spoke to him as a kid because he always seemed so serious and never smiled a lot. Usually reserved and quiet Mr. Mahela shies away from attention and never joins family trips because he hates leaving Colombo.

Samaraweera Ayia- Affectionately called the ‘entrepreneur’ by the rest of the family. Having grown up in the outskirts of Colombo he opened a bakery which doubled as a cafe at the back. After some moderate success he converted the whole thing to just a cafe. Business was slow but he saved up and relaunched it as a fast food joint. Profits tripled and the rest is history. He recently went abroad to expand his business and earned his other nickname – “the uncle who got mugged”.

Dilshan Ayia-Grew up in a tough neighbourhood. Didn’t have a lot of money but worked extremely hard. One day he won the lottery and bought a franchise from Sanath Uncle. Now he comes to weddings in designer suits and bling to match. There are rumours of him appearing in a movie soon. Some relatives secretly think he is too flashy and shows off too much, but are afraid to get on his bad side because they know he is on the lookout for a business partner.

Episode 2 will air soon, same bat time, same bat channel.
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