The Sacking of Mickey Arthur

Australia has gone with the obvious solution to their cricketing woes by sacking the coach. This has been done by many Countries in the past but the Australian situation warrants a closer look.

This is the first foreign coach ever recruited by Australian cricket for their national team. There were plenty of opportunities to sack him earlier, especially after the “homework” debacle of the Indian tour but why now? Is it that getting trashed in India doesn’t matter so much as losing the Ashes?

Why Darren Leahmann? He is the epitome of the hard drinking, swearing (as the Sri Lankan team well know), “Aussie Battler”. A true blue Aussie and everything that the bush Australian stands for! Australian Cricket has reverted to type.

All sophistication and computer analysis goes out of the window. Sledging and match analysis fuelled by Victoria Bitter comes straight in, along with Shane Warne I reckon.

This is an all or nothing last throw of the dice. I wonder what miracles Leahmann is supposed to perform having taken the job? He can’t even teach the team to use his favourite swear words but then he can, if Ravi Bopara plays!

If it all ends like it should and the Ashes remain at Lords….what of the new coach? I wonder if a fate similar to that of Bob Woolmer beckons!

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