The ROOT to all problems

Its been around 2 years since we reached the 2007 world cup final, and sadly, we were out classed by Adam Gilchrist and the rest of Ricky Pontings men. Due to the circumstances of that match, and the conditions they were played in, I was disappointed, but not too disappointed as I knew Australia’s might. But loosing Sunday’s final against the Pakistani cricket team just takes the cake.

For a few years now, we keep looking at our team and wonder why certain people who do not contribute jack, still remain in the team. To name a couple: Jehan Mubarak and Chamara Silva. How many times have these two to fail to prove a point to our selectors that they don’t deserve to represent our country at its highest level? I’ve asked this many times before and now I see the root of Sri Lanka’s cricket problems – its Ashantha De Mel.

This guy has not been doing any good to our cricket or the future of it based on the selection decisions he has made, Marven Atapattu pointed it out indirectly, but we all know who he was really directing his comments at. This guy has persisted with players like Mubarak, Silva, not to forget Kapugedera, even though they just kept on failing, and failing, and failing, and failing.. oh not to forget FAILING! In every dam match Sri Lanka’s played.

Whatever happened to our young guns? Our future generation of cricketers? Mahela Udawatte? Malinga Bandara? MAHAROOF? – this guy is an amazing all-rounder. Yes he has not played a lot of cricket due to injury, but he is and always will be a class performer at the highest level. He has proved this over and over again.

As a selector, when you watch a game, you realize who is in form and who isn’t. FOR GOD’s SAKE the whole nation of Sri Lanka pointed it out! ARE YOU THAT IGNORANT? De MEL? Its these sorts of situations that really makes you wonder what else is going on in the SLC administration that we do not know about.

This is the same guy who was the chairman of the Sri lanka Oil Corp. Look at the state of that now, yet he has access to all these high positions in the country? Sigh.. im guessing he’s really using those high political connections to his X-TREME advantage.

Yes, you may wonder, these sorts of blogs only come out when we lose – NOT TRUE, I’ve been bringing this up over and over again, De Mel has to go. We need good cricketers who have proper brains used for cricket, rather than guys judging people on cast and creed.

Certain people blame young Isuru Udana for that particular over – I say BS. He did his job, this has a lot to do with who we selected. Our team is a very top order heavy side, and like we’ve seen it unfold, when they fail, everything goes wrong.

De Mel, I hope you get a chance to read this, cause if the fans and the people of Sri Lanka had their way, you would be out on the streets along with your pet selections. I can’t wait to see your face when you get kicked out!

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