The Need For Change

Dear friends,

Hilal commented on one of my facebook notes suggesting I create cricket’s first ever poetry blog dedicated to Sri Lanka cricket. I could not refuse this opportunity granted by someone who has served the multimedia needs of our country’s number one sport so dutifully and skillfully! Cricket may not be my prime motive to write but I pride myself on the ability to pen verse on any topic.

Being a proud Sri Lankan and die-hard supporter of our team it is my moral duty to show my support and I offer a novel mode of commenting on Sri Lanka cricket. I am more than willing to take up the mantle of Sri Lanka cricket’s Poet Laureate!!!

Two of my works thus far in my career, now in its eighth year were inspired by Sri Lanka’s exploits, or in this inauspicious instance, experiences of defeat on a cricket field, namely the recent humiliating 4-1 one day series loss to India at home. While India were performing the last rites in the fourth one dayer and only Sangakkara resisted, I began a discussion on the need for change.

Since the heroic 2007 world cup, we have not built on our status as second to only the world champions Australia. Barring the test series win against England and the memorable Asia Cup win, borne out of the determination and unrelent upon which we Sri Lankans pride ourselves, we were in decline, more reactive than proactive, lacking in innovation, cutting edge pace, consistent and attacking hitting and that unique, special Sri Lankan brand X-factor.

The next day I penned The Need For Change which I fashioned to describe the state and specific ameliorations urgently necessitated by our cricket but, like the universal method for achieving success can be applied to any walk of life. See if your particular aspirations correlate to the words used!

The Need For Change

Always heed the need for change,
Never ignore it.

Do not discard at the first fall,
What has a good chance of working,
Yet if there is no logic you feel,
Or it fails again and again,
Open your house to the winds of change,
Invent and fear not to try new ways.

Your gifts and determination,
Can hit the target though the bow may misfire,
But do not overlook persistent errors,
For a garment hole is stretched with use,
Let it not gape with sadness and regret,
When it is too late to darn and deal with it.

Acknowledge your success at the summit,
But look soon after for higher peaks,
Do not stop, for you may slide downhill,
When you take no steps upwards,
For smug complacency spells doom,
Keep striving for the success you deserve.

Be honest, assiduous, optimistic,
Have the humility to garner enough help,
For we have too much talent to let decay,
We can adapt to new channels of fluent brilliance,
Be patient, pertinacious, proactive, do not delay,
Fulfil your great potential as best you can now!


I believe that if the nuances within are obeyed, our cricket will hit the peak we promise and inspire many stanzas of victory! Sangakkara’s leadership, the return of Lasith Malinga and the promise of Isuru Udana are just three reasons for genuine optimism….


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  1. Thanks alot for the kind
    Thanks alot for the kind comments guys, I was really stoked by the appreciation!
    There will be an installment soon on a similar theme 😉

    sanath189, it would be a pleasure to pen a poetic eulogy to the great man, I will def do one after my exams finish in Jun 4th..

    If any of you have a particular aspect of Sri Lanka Cricket you’d like me to write about please send me your suggestions, after JUn 4th Im a free merchant, would be great to help SL Cricket this way.

    Thanks again, best regards

  2. Well done NSK, 
    A ctually I

    Well done NSK, 

    A ctually I need your help between 1st of June till the end of WC Twenty/20 in the UK

    Your services are needed for Srilankan Cricket.


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