The most startling features of this World Cup and how they affect SL

As evident from the matches played so far, the most startling features of this WC are:

1) Teams putting up 300-plus totals – SIX matches out of NINE played so far (66%) registered 300-plus totals (by at least one side played in those SIX matches).

2) NINE matches played so far yielded FIVE 100-plus & TWO 90-plus individual scores (77%)

3) Just from NINE matches, TEN 100-plus (111%) & ONE 200-plus partnerships have been already recorded (Remember, the first ever 200-plus partnership in a WC was recorded only in last WC-2011, by Upul Tharanga & TM Dilshan).

4) From the NINE matches played to date, already SEVEN batters have managed to score more than TEN boundaries in an inning. 
All these things are happening at a much more frequent rate than in any of the previous World Cup Tournaments. Therefore, it is worthwhile looking at the potential of SL players to play long 100-plus innings, put up big partnerships & score frequent boundaries making use of the conditions existing in this WC (lightning fast outfields, small grounds, new field restriction rules etc.) 

A comparison chart of SL players in history ranked according to the frequency of making big scores 100+ in their careers:

BEST Rated individual 100+ scores making Frequencies in SL players' Career Stats
SL Best Ranking Ratios – Number of Innings per 100+ Score in Overall Career:

1) Tharanga –      12.8 in per 100+ Score –   (in NZ/WC tour so far: NOT SELECTED to the SQUADS)
2)  Dilshan –        14.1 In per 100+ Score –   (in NZ/WC tour so far: 3.5 in per 100+)
3)  Jayasuriya –   15.5 in per 100+ Score
4)  Sangakara –   17.8 in per 100+ Score  –  (in NZ/WC tour so far: 7.0 in per 100+)
5)  Mahela J –      23.0 in per 100+ Score  –  (in NZ/WC tour so far: 7.0 in per 100+)      
6)  Athapathu –    23.5 in per 100+ Score
7)  Aravinda –      26.9 in per 100+ Score
Ranking of Most Frequent Boundary Scorers in SL Cricket:

  Balls per boundary (4) Ratio (Players with Minimum Batting Average of 25.0 considered)

     Overall Career   bpb        –     Year 2015 in NZ  (bpb in Current ODIs to date)

1) S Jayasuriya:         9.8 
2)  T Dilshan:            10.8               (in NZ/WC tour so far:  10.1)
3)  U Tharanga:         11.7                (in NZ/WC tour so far: NOT SELECTED to the SQUADS)
4)  K Sangakara:       13.2                (in NZ/WC tour so far: 10.1)
5)  M Jayawardane:  14.2                (in NZ/WC tour so far:  8.8)
6)   Mathews:            15.2                (in NZ/WC tour so far: 11.0)
7)  Chamara Silva:    16.2
8)  T Samaraweera:  16.3
9)  M Athapaththu:   17.2
10) L Thirimanne:    17.5                 (in NZ/WC tour so far: 15.5)
11)  T Kandamby:     17.6
12)  D Chandimal:    18.9                 (in NZ played just 3 innings & failed to make any impact)
The above tabulations of statistics clearly show which kind of skill potentials need for success in this WC.  When you consider how our most potential players on tour have fared so far (utilizing the benefits of those conditions),  it can be noticed a massive improvement in their current tour stats compared to career stats, pertaining to those sets of skills.

As seen from the above stats, one of the most highly potential resources available in SL is not in the current WC squad. It is really unfortunate & it could be the missing link needs to strengthen our brittle batting line up. SL miserably failed to put up a solitary 300-plus on board so far from EIGHT consecutive outings in NZ. Thanks to the vicious selection policies currently prevailing in this Island Nation, obviously the squad sent to compete in this WC is not the best!

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