The IRB decision

I read with a great deal of dismay the decision by the International Rugby authorities to remove Sri Lanka full membership status based on the fact that a properly elected governing body for the sport cannot be elected. Of course this was always on the cards but as is the case with everything that happens these days, it was hoped that we would get away with it!

Well we haven’t. Such a harsh decision can be attributed to the fact that we are very small minnows as far as Rugby playing nations go and the IRB unlike it’s more money oriented cousin the ICC (International Cricket Council) seems to not really care about the precarious hold that Rugby Union has in this part of the world and the ever diminishing fan base that we cater to in this country. India has lost the following almost entirely and this decision is a huge setback for the sport in our Country.

T.M.K. Samat had tried to highlight the ramifications of this decision but I have not seen anything else of any consequence from any of the other ‘investigative’ or even ‘patriotic’ newspapers. This of course maybe due to not wanting to have their respective “boats rocked” by displaying disloyalty to the perpetrators of this situation.

Why can’t even a relatively lowly sport (with hardly any income or lucrative salaries for its administrators) be allowed to govern itself in this country? Why must it be converted into a source of amusement and entertainment for the powers that be and administrators who bow unashamedly to those people be appointed? Does the lack of democracy permeate even to the level of a sport with half a dozen clubs and a few thousand spectators?
What if we lose the Cricket world cup and are consigned to relative incongruity? Will the ICC also raise the issue that the governing body for this sport too has been staffed by political appointees for more than a decade now? I suppose our argument for continued excesses is based on the fact that they wouldn’t dare!

Well we tried it once and our bluff has been called. The ICC although having a voracious appetite for the money that Sri Lankan Cricket generates is also known to have certain racial tendencies and a need to assert themselves on occasion, just to PROVE who is running the sport. One less “coloured” nation among the elite will make Caucasian based voting decisions easier to implement and also reduce the huge threat the Indian Cricket Board brings to the dominance of the ICC.

Beware Cricket fans you may have to join us Rugby fans in our despair….. A lot sooner than you think.

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