The Great Sri Lankan Screw Job!

Hello friends,

It has been quite some time since I blogged on Island Cricket last, nine months to be exact, but very rarely during the last nine months (except the great Murali moment in Galle and our MP’s fantastic batting average during the T20 World Cup) nothing ‘happened’ which I could blog about, and, alas, something did happen, something we Sri Lankans just could not learn from the Aussies until now, a screw job!

In my opinion, August 16th 2010 will be remembered for the following reasons:

1. Sri Lanka suffered their worst defeat at home, batting first, when India reached their mammoth target of 171 with 93 balls to spare.

2. Thilan Samaraweera actually got OUT! Is that even possible?

3. Virender Sehwag did not score a single boundary during the first five overs, which again proves the strength of our bowling unit, for which Lasith Malinga and Nuwan Kulasekera both should have received a Yamaha bike for the best five overs by a team playing Sehwag.

4. Also one seems to wonder if TM Dilshan has forgotten how to execute his own ‘scoop’ shot, probably that small kid that appears on the Mobitel advertisement would come to his rescue.

5. Oh, Mr. Suraj Randiv, hats off for the 43, to keep the Sri Lankan tail wagging again.

6. You must have guessed that this is coming, THE RANDIV NO BALL!! Amazing!! For me this is better than winning this lame one day match against India, (primarily because we might play them again in about 3-4 months time anyway). Oh Suraj, where were you all this time? Finally we have a glimpse of hope of winning next year’s World Cup. This is how our friends from down under get under our brown skins, hell, under our brains. Finally we have a bloke that has the courage to go that extra step. Alright, maybe this wasn’t the nicest things to do, I agree, and I also do not like if this becomes a habit, but we need this occasional ‘bad boy’ situation. 

What is this silly talk about our ‘Spirit of cricket’ is at risk? Spirit can be also rephrased to ‘ghost’, so we are playing for the best ghost of ICC? Any ways are we playing cricket to win a gold plated trophy at a ceremony in Dubai? Dubai?!!? How many times have the Australians won this ‘most prestigious SPIRIT OF CRICKET’ award? None, if I may recall. And how many times have this very same Australian bunch won the World Cup? To hell with the ghost of cricket!

Well so like any Australian, Symonds to be specific, Randiv right now will be going through this initial ‘Honeymoon period’ for his screw job, which he should not be much bothered about in my opinion. As usual Former Indian captain Bishen ‘I hate Sri Lankan spinners’ Singh Bedi, wants him banned for 5 games, and every Indian journalist are remembering all occasions where a Indian batsman lost out on a century against Sri Lanka, apparently first Tendulkar (on 96) and just now I read (On a Indian news site) that Sauruv ‘I’m the prince’ Ganguly had been on 98!! So sad! The optimism on each Indian grows by every inch of their failures! Amazing! 

All these internal probes and apologies carried out by Sri Lanka Cricket are essential, at least show the better ‘spirited cricketing nations’ how a internal probe is done. Our neighbours cry out in agony because Sehwag, couldn’t get one run in a over to get to three figures in a tri series that is played ever so often, well clearly people on our side has also cried out in agony after Adam Gilchrist decided to meddle around with a squash ball! They said it messed up our World Cup Final! Nonsense, I wonder the amount of ‘spirit’ that it took Ponting and Co. to lift that trophy up! Considering that issue, well-done to our journalist for not being as sore as their Indian counterparts. 

And coming to our dengue boy, Yuvraj Singh, apparently had shown the ‘finger’ to some of our spectators during the 3rd test. I wonder where the ‘professionalism’ and once again the ‘ghost of cricket’ is? When Yuvarj, is carrying water bottles, what else is he supposed to be called other than a water boy? Its not appropriate to call him, 2nd slip or Square leg right? Out of jokes, Yuvraj, Indian management and Sri Lanka Police should realize that people go for cricket matches to have a good time, to sip pint or two, arresting a spectator for a childish comment? What year is this? 1930? The cricket ground is not a temple, church or kovil! Or is it? I am confused.

Plus it took a New Zealand team minus Daniel Vettori and Brendon McCullum, to bowl out the Indians for 88, for MS Dhoni to ‘find’ out that the Dambulla has uneven practice pitch and that the lighting system is not up to scratch. Dambulla has hosted one day matches since March 2001, after almost 10 years, the lighting system and the practice pitch has been meddled with, for our over paid neighbours. In Singhalese I would say “Mewa kaata kiyannada?” (whom to tell?)

I wonder when MS Dhoni realizes that the world does not revolve around him.

Friends, do not think I have anything personal against Cricket India, I admire Sachin Tendulkar, to do what he is doing, at his age! Amazing! That 200 against South Africa, that is real class, unfortunately the ‘Indian Real Class’ gets over shadowed by their claims of ‘Ghost of cricket’.

This match is also a good exhibition for ICC, to tell viewers at home, not to switch off the TV until the last ball is bowled, considering the number people that were asking me what happened during the last over of the match.

By the way, Mr. Sehwag, in case you did not realize, Suraj Randiv bowled 3 perfectly legitimate deliveries before this so called ‘deliberate no-ball’.

Once again thank you for taking your time for reading my blog, your comments, good, bad or ugly is always welcome.

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