The Farcical Tours Program

The FTP should be given a new name! The Kiwis are getting trashed, so are the Windies and Bangladesh. We have that pleasure in store for us and the day seems to be coming inexorably closer. All this because the tour itinerary was fixed too far in advance with no idea how the teams would match up on the day.

If the teams are all ready to play could the actual match up be changed according to current form? For example the Aussies would be told that in 2011 they will have x number of tests and X number of ODIs etc. The opposition would be determined by current form in the immediate preceding series.. Pakistan for instance because of their outstanding current form would have qualified to play either South Africa or Australia.

What is the use of sending such a brilliant in form side to make mincemeat of the Bangladeshis? Sri Lanka would have been better off playing the Kiwis on their current form. Likewise all teams scheduled to play at a given time should have their opposition matched according to current form. Surely that is not so hard to do in these days of air travel and computers to make arrangements instantly?

This would also give an incentive for the players to perform because this could be linked to remuneration based on the opposition and the quality of the match up.

I for one will not be watching any of the forthcoming series except may be the start of the India-Australia series but there again I feel India will crumble and it may end in a trashing.

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