The emergence of Thisara Perera

Sheer determination and hard work pays off, as Thisara Perera has been consistently producing match winning efforts, since last few months.

At 23, thisara perera hardly looks an aggressive or ‘fear factor ‘player in middle of a match. Unlike his Mumbai indian’s team mate munaf patel, he doesn’t go eye to eye with batsmen. Unlike his national team mate angelo mathews, he doesn’t punches his hand in the air either, after completing a thrilling win with his power hitting.

But, unaware of those facts, in last few months, opponents have already been feels fear with this tall all rounder. For opponents, now he has been a deceptive bowler, who can destroy their batting order. For opponents, now he has been that kind of destructive batsman, who can chase down any kind of target with his monstrous sixes. Ideally, in thisara, sri lanka has found a emerging all-rounder, who could, on his day, turn any match into his team’s favor.

Yes, angelo mathews is sri lanka’s no. one all rounder, even now, when he doesn’t bowl too much. But, one can’t compare thisara with mathews either. At times, mathews looks lazy in middle, during his batting or bowling. But thisara always remains focused. As he mentioned again and again, after his match winning performances, that his main priority is- to bowel well for his team. And, this is, really, quite a good thoughts form a young men. We saw in India, where a genuine bowler irfan pathan destroyed his career, as he had been started to thinking as a front line batsmen. It can be happened with any player, especially, when he is winging matches with both bat and ball.

But, thisara seems a cool headed young man. And that’s why, now he has been a precious weapon in captain mahela’s armory. When mahela looks for wickets, he throws the ball towards thisara. When he needs quick runs and boundaries in power plays, he sends thisara. When a captain, coach and team management knows, that certain player has the ‘midas’ touch, they all looks toward him in crunch situations. And thisara, in his short career, has already been achieved that tag.

Still, he has long way to go. His stats in one day and twenty-20 cricket (strike rate of 113 and 145 respectively), indicates that he is a lower order hitter, who knows just one way to bat- to attack and destroy the bowlers . On that regards, his performances with the bat, during last test match against Pakistan and first odi against India, were quite promising. In both innings, he didn’t go for the attack right from the start. He batted sensibly, picked singles and twos and ran hard. This is what, test cricket taught a player- to pace the inning. And seems that, after the third test against Pakistan, thisara is ready to include this quality in himself, to balance his six hitting ability.

As a bowler also, he has a long way to go. As, current Pakistani coach dev wahtmore stated about him, that as the time passes, opponents will have found the ways to deal with parera. But a player won’t mind these sorts of challenges, as long as he is working hard. And, surely, hard work and sheer determinations are appears to be thisara’s main qualities. That’s why; he has a bright future ahead of him, amidst all challenges!

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