The Doors feat. Jesse Ryder

To be sung to the tune of The Doors’ Riders On The Storm.

Original Source :
Ryder’s on the storm,
Ryder’s on the storm.
Into this bar we’re gone
Out of this team we’re thrown
Like the Kiwis without Dan
Or Pakistan without a ban.
Ryder’s on the storm.

There’s Chris Martin on the road
There ain’t no runs on the board
Take a very wild swing
Then join me for a drink.
If you give this man a life
Match might balance on a knife
Chris Martin on the road, yeah.

Guys, you’ve gotta love this Dan.
Yeah we all love this Dan.
He takes the match by hand.
With a ninth-wicket stand.
The match on you depends,
Our hopes will never end.
You gotta love this Dan, yeah.

Ryder’s on the storm.
Ryder’s on the storm, yeah.


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