Thank you Sri Lanka! I havent laughed so hard in years!

I must admit I’m a grumpy old gent,rarely finding humour in anything but this episode in cricket had me hyperventilating and nearly wetting my pants I was laughing so hard.

Ill just set the scene here,

The three things that symbolise me when I view cricket are these,im very ageist,meaning I dont rate many players of this era,im an unashamed test snob,though ill watch the main events of the other forms of the game and lastly I love the players who had to works for everything they got.So sadly the main character in this story is severely lacking in all departments in my mind.

The player in question being Yuvraj Singh.

Though lets not get into the playing side of Yuvraj here lets rather focus on this event that nearly had such a profound affect on my waterworks! It’s India’s tour to the paradise island of Sri Lanka and in my mind I cant think of a better crowd for entertainment than the great people of Sri Lanka.they dance,they sing,they cheer and basically spend the whole match lighting up the viewing audience with their incredible smiles.I fail to think of a crowd as unique,maybe in the Caribbean at the iconic Antigua Recreation Ground is similar.

Yuvraj Singh WaterboyIt was the third test in the series and the ‘regal’ and oft seen ‘arrogant’ Yuvraj was overlooked for the position in the team that Suresh Raina filled with due aplomb in the second test.It was the tea break and Yuvraj was doing his role as 12th man serving the players drinks and as he walked off a few in the crowd were taunting him with chants of ‘waterboy’ or ‘We want the water boy…….Boy..Boy …WATERBOY!’ they chanted…

At this time I was sipping on some fine Irish whisky and was so driven by the hilarity of this I lost control spat the Whisky out for I was laughing so hard,I couldnt control myself tears were rolling down my face and I started to hyperventilate-IT WAS THAT DAMN FUNNY!

Sadly it got to such a stage I nearly lost control of my water works……………

Now Asian’s have been known to be quite a precious lot at times and this was seen in Yuvraj’s reaction which was a bit like a ‘King’ being forced to be amongst the common man and not be given the worship he thinks he merits! If this happened in Australia,South Africa or England these fans who started the ‘waterboy’ chants would become celebrities on television such was there humour!

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