Terrorists finally found – foreign hand involved

No the terrorists were not caught.

If, like me, you live in Pakistan, the moment a bomb goes off they say "WE CANNOT RULE OUT A FOREIGN HAND."

On most occasions the blame goes to India and sometimes to the former USSR states.

Well, the so called evidence seems to be pointing to India, this is another Pakistani trick to put on a good face, I hate when these people bull s**t.

They are not willing to accept these were Muslim extremists near the Pak-Afghan border, the same extremists that flogged a 16 year old girl and posted the video on local news channels, and then blamed the Jews.

When I was younger I thought Sri Lanka was the most corrupt country (politically), but Pakistan has marched way ahead.

So have no high hopes. Your terrorists wont be caught, after all this is Pakistan the so called "Land of the pure" (in Urdu).

And please if you get the choice between traveling to Sudan and this place (Pakistan), please choose Sudan.

PS. I have nothing against Muslims. I love Muslims. I only don’t like terrorists.

– Chrismal in Karachi.

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