Terror strikes!!

Since I am in Pakistan I will lay out a summary of the events that took place today.

The Sri Lankans were approaching Liberty round about, on their way to Qaddafi stadium, and at that point 6 gunmen opened fire at the bus.

The driver of the bus who escaped several bullets said a rocket launcher was used but missed the bus as it swerved past it on the left side. Unfortunately shrapnel from bullets, grenades, and broken glass injured the Sri Lankans.

Reports here say Samaraweera had bullets in his back, Mahela had a bullet in his leg, i am not sure about Mahela but Samaraweera is injured, not critically.

On an interview with Geo TV Brendon Kuruppu mentioned Sam and paranavitana’s injuries. However they will be going home to Colombo this evening.

The team was airlifted after treatment at the Lahore International Airport from where they departed to Dubai, and eventually they will be going to Sri Lanka.

Intelligence sources here say the team was very lucky that the bus driver had survived otherwise there is a big chance they might  have been taken hostage.

In total 7srilankans are injured, 5policeman dead.

President Zardari has ordered a 24hour report on the matter.

I am still shock

The terrorists had planed extensively and police have recovered 5 backpacks of explosives.

The worst news is that one umpires (Nadeem Ghauri) is in critical injured as gunmen opened fire on the van carrying umpires.

I can say that one of the terrorists was about 15 or 16 years of age. One was  older and had a long beard and was wearing a "shelwar kameez". They got out of a white car and immediately started shooting. Four people have been arrested in Lahore.

There is video footage, live video footage  of the terrorists as they shot at the bus. See here and here

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I am very disappointed as I am in Karachi so I cannot take any video footage. Lahore is some distance away.

Younis khan said in an interview at 5PM Pakistan time:

I talked to the Lankans, i  apologised to them but they were very understanding about the situation . I personally talked to Mahela, Kumara, Murali, and Mendis. Thilan Samaraweera is not critically injured.

Younis said murali gave his shirt to the bus driver.

Kumar is quoted as saying  "I do not regret playing in Lahore"

I hope all returns back  to normal soon. I will Blog more on the investigative report issued by the police and detectives tomorrow.

I hope the srilankan team recovers soon. May God be with them. I hope they get over the trauma.

And i hope this blame game in Pakistan stops.

(Edited by Hilal)

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