Talk is Cheap

“Talk is Cheap” then everyone in the cricketing world will think about Australian cricket team. But right now we got successor for them, Think who it is?

Maxwell Incident

I just don’t want to write the incident again but want to point out it can be just cooled off with the senior player like Mahela Jayawardene on field. Instead Mahela made worst of it. Even after the post match presentation Mahela was having words with David Warner and Matthew Wade. Mind you he is the Senior Player of Sri Lankan Team.

Maxwell and Jayawardene had heated disagreement. © Hamish Blair / AAP

In England 2014 : Double tongue

Here too I don’t want to discuss the incident of Sachithra Senanayake mankading the Jos Buttler but in this incident Mahela Jayawardene defends Buttler Mankading, he said that Sri Lanka were left with little option but to run out Jos Buttler in the 44th over after the batsman, at the non-striker’s end, backed-up too far.

Yes, Mahela was correct, as per law 42.15 The bowler is permitted, before entering his delivery stride, to attempt to run out the non-striker. The ball shall not count in the over, No warning is necessary. If he was supporting mankading that is well and good, but what he said on similar incident with Ashwin mankading Thirimanne ? Jayawardene said the warning should have been official. "I don’t know," Jayawardene said. "Then it’s… he should warn him through the umpires. You need to ask the umpires if he was warned."

If you are going as per law then warning is not even required. Senior players like Mahela Jayawardene should know the rule first before talking anything. It’s clear that he was on different side on both the situation, which is favoring his team but not the spirit of the game.

Spirit of Cricket

Sri Lanka won that match but lost to the spirit of the game then, Where India lost the match against Sri Lanka won the spirit of the game by letting Lahiru Thirimanne bat. I thought it was so good as Sehwag did that to a team which denied him a century against the spirit of the game. Kumar Sangakkara can give big lectures but what he taught his junior player on that day to deny a century against the spirit of the game is not good. It’s good within the law but against the spirit of the game. Action speak louder than words, more than the lecture your action on the ground speaks volumes of you. End of the day these senior players like Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara should have taught new player coming in for their replacement how to handle the situation. Young players coming into the side will be raw and pumped up, they may be over reacting to the situation so these seniors should calm them down.

Over Reacting Captain

Former English great Michael Vaughan, who had damned the Lankan bowlers as "a glorified county attack". It’s oblivious that when your team loses to a county team you may get damned. If you want to hear this rubbish you will be hearing many of these kinds. Sri Lankan captain Angelo Mathews took that to his heart and responded after winning the match he said "I hope my attack is better than a county attack…there was a little bit of debate about that, that maybe my attack was not good enough for county cricket but I think we showed we are so I am happy." There is no pressure on Mathews to bring the topic in the post match presentation. Now it will make people like Vaughan to talk more about Sri Lanka. Also playing with intention to win just to respond for criticism will not be a great idea.


England were vulnerable to sledging is something the Lankans had spoken about and Jayawardene said, “We had to wait a bit longer because we were not in a position to put them under pressure in this series. We’ve seen that under pressure they’re not quite up to it so we’ll definitely look forward to tomorrow. There are a few young guys to come in and they’ll get some.”

EspnCricinfo quoted : Among the lasting memories of the dramatic final day at Headingley was Sri Lanka’s systematic verbal attack on Joe Root. For nearly half an hour the team fired barbs and bouncers at the batsman. Almost every player had a turn, like it was a team-building exercise at a shooting range.

Kumar Sangakkara has a history of sledging. Sledging is allowed in cricket upto some extend but it’s not spirit of the game. Current Sri Lankan team is depending more on sledging to win matches against their opponents.

Next generation cricketers are seeing these seniors if they follow them on attitude, then it’s no good for the game. It’s showing now in the team with Unfit, sloppy on field and with attitude issue.

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