Sunil Perera’s antics and no confidence vote by fans; SLC grows increasingly unpopular

In all likelihood, Sunil Perera knew nothing about the fan petition against SLC, which began to circulate just a few days prior to the cricket awards ceremony. However, to the fans who initiated and support the petition, this remarkable coincidence should come as a great endorsement of their case.

Over the past few years many fans have watched in disbelief the appallingly bad conduct of SLC. Perhaps one way to learn to ignore all of the atrocities within the SLC board and still enjoy the cricket is to find humour in all of this. Perhaps it is his sense of humour that has allowed Sunil Perera to remain interested in cricket.

The explanation given for how Suraj Dandeniya got the job to head the world cup preparations in Sri Lanka was simply brilliant comedy that even Sunil Perera couldn’t match. Large sums of money were wasted building brand new grounds when all that was needed was to renovate existing facilities to prepare for the World Cup in 2011.

All of the explanations that were provided by various individuals within SLC to help the public understand what their initial world cup spending budget was, how much have they actually spent, what the variance was and how that was funded and what the ending balance was were so funny that even the most boring accounts couldn’t help laughing out loud. When finally someone was ready to keep a straight face and investigate the financials of SLC, they pull off yet another one of their great tricks that would make even the best magician feel second best, making a hard-drive that holds all the secrets (or jokes depending on how much a sense of humor you have) disappear. And to say that no back up was available was comedy at its best.

Various attempt by not just cricket officials, but even the sports minister to explain to the cricket loving public that there is absolutely no conflict of interest in the secretary’s role within CSN and SLC was, actually not funny! However, the assurance provided to the public in saying that the secretary indeed ‘realized the potential for conflict of interest and stayed out of the decision process of TV rights due to his involvement with CSN’ was funny!

SLC’s answer to the ICC mandate that all cricket boards should compromise of democratically elected officials makes some of the hated dictators looks rather fair because at least some of them stood ‘election’ and faced an opponent(s).

What has happened to test cricket while all of this comedy has unfolded is perhaps the greatest tragedy in this all. In the midst of all of the comedy that has been provided to distract the disturbed public, SLC officials have made many financial deals that have served the best interest of few corporations and individuals, but cricket.

The current SLC administrators might still be smiling thinking that they’ve always had the last laugh no matter who is poking fun at them. However, if the fans can take inspiration from this most unlikely endorsement of their petition against SLC and rally together to gain more support for it, they could yet possibly have the last laugh.

Do you care about Sri Lankan cricket? Then sign the petition and be heard!

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