Sri Lanka’s batting lets the whole nation down

As fans we’ve talked about this on numerous occasions. Sri Lanka’s batting has let the nation down time and time again. It let them down through the whole Twenty20 World Cup tournament. If not for TM Dilshan one wonders if Sri Lanka would have progressed this far to make it to the finals.

The top four batsman in Sri Lanka’s line up have been given an extended run with no significant results. Barring one or two performances there is never any consistency. This is reflected in the team’s ODI ranking.

Sanath Jayasuriya, Mahela Jayawardena, Kumar Sangakkara, Chamara Silva, Jehan Mubarak and TM Dilshan have now played several years of cricket for Sri Lanka. Only Dilshan of late has shown some consistency, which is norm at the highest level.

I don’t applaud Jayawardene when he makes 50, or when he scores a double century on a flat track against Bangladesh or Pakistan.

One expects that from a top order international cricketer. What is required is for Sri Lanka’s top order to out perform the opposition against the odds. That’s a noteworthy performance.

Serious changes must be made, but it won’t happen. The selectors, as Marvan put it, are a bunch of muppets led by a joker. Ashantha De Mel is the only voice that counts in that committee. Nothing will come out this tournament or these failures. Chamara Silva may face the axe but the others will continue to enjoy the free ride.

In the last 2 years we have seen no youth being groomed at the top order. Young blood, the likes of Tharanga and Udawatte were quickly discarded. Yet, others enjoy a permanent spot in the team regardless of years of inconsistency.

The cricket board has been accommodating of the players’ requests. Allowing them to honour their IPL contracts. The fans have backed them despite repeated losses. I think it’s now time to ask the right questions. Questions that still should be asked even if Sri Lanka won the World Cup.

The batting order needs to be changed. No one should be allowed a free ride with no results. Playing a bloke for 20 matches hoping he comes good someday won’t make Sri Lanka a better team. Just an inconsistent one.

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