Sri Lankans feel the pain of the Togolese

Sri Lankan cricket fans will never forget the 3rd of March 2009. Players from Sri Lanka’s cricket team were ambushed and shot at by the Taliban in Pakistan.

As a result, several Pakistani policemen and drivers attached to the convoy paid the ultimate price. Although injured and suffering from bullet and shrapnel wounds, none of the Sri Lankan players were in critical condition.

Similarly, on Saturday, the football (soccer) team of Togo (Togolese Republic) was ambushed and attacked by armed gunmen on it’s way to the African Nations Cup in Angola.

The attack left seven members of the football team injured and two officials dead.

"Togolese officials named the dead men as media officer Stanislas Ocloo and assistant coach Amalete Abalo," reported Reuters.

I have no doubt that Sri Lankan cricket fans recall vividly the shock, anger and immense sadness we felt when news trickled in of the cowardly attacks on unarmed sportsmen.

We feel your pain Togo. We offer you are sincere condolences. We pray and mourn for the loved ones you lost.

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