Sri Lankans are not in the clear

The Sri Lankan cricketers remain unbeaten in the current ICC Twenty20 tournament. Although having won all their matches, a loss to New Zealand on the 16th would mean that Sri Lanka will follow India out of the ICC T20.

Sri Lanka’s first loss in the tournament will knock them out of the tournament.

Sri Lanka haven’t yet lost a match in the tournament, but their first defeat could knock them out of the ICC World Twenty20. That’s because New Zealand, the team they’ll play on Tuesday, have a superior net run rate, and it will remain that way if Sri Lanka lose that game. If Pakistan win, they will almost certainly get through to the semi-finals along with New Zealand. So, even though Sri Lanka have a spotless record in the tournament so far, their narrow margin of victory against Ireland means they’ll face a must-win situation again on Tuesday, unless Ireland repeat their World Cup heroics against Pakistan on Monday.


The ‘all show’ Indian team has failed yet again to produce the goods. Despite winning the last ICC t20, the Indians are known chokers. The 2007 ODI World Cup saw them kicked out in round one. This Super8 knock out was good according to their own standards.

It seems the IPL hasn’t helped the Indians but thanks for the show India.

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