Sri Lankan selectors need guidelines

Sa’adi Thawfeeq says that the Sri Lankan selectors need to lay out their requirements for the job so hopefuls know what exactly is expected of them in order to be selected for the Sri Lankan national cricket team.

"The lack of such proper guidelines only leads to confusion for the player and results in despair and frustration," he wrote on his column on The Nation.

"It also gives one the impression that the selectors’ don’t have a proper idea of whom to select and whom to discard. The selection of the Sri Lanka squad of 15 players for the ICC World Twenty20 is a good case in point where the selectors were never frank with their selections. At the end of it they gave the impression that they already had the squad short-listed and it was only a matter of adding a few names to complete it. Did the selectors have their favourites before selection? Otherwise how could one overlook the dropping of batsman Jeevantha Kulatunga and left-arm fast bowler Chaminda Vaas and the inclusion of Nuwan Zoysa and Dilhara Fernando in the 30?"

Kulatunga won the ‘Man of the Tournament Award’ due to his batting prowess in a much anticipated T20 provincial tournament ahead of the ICC World Twenty20, but he wasn’t even selected. Thawfeeq is right to ask for more transparency and accountability from the Sri Lankan selectors. Whether it will happen is another story.

While everyone is tuned into the IPL action and the election action, Ashantha De Mel is packing his bags for yet another free ride to go watch the ICC World Twenty20. This is not his first. De Mel has been to soo many World Cup tournaments and other overseas tours that I have lost track. Even though we have a panel of selectors, only the chief of selectors travels with the team, and from comments Marvan Atapptu made to the media when on tour to Australia, it’s obvious that only Ashantha De Mel is THE selection panel. The rest are, as Marvan put it, just "jokers."

Listen, Jeevantha is not the second coming of Christ, the saviour, or the key to winning the trophy? It’s the manner in which the chief of selectors and his committee operates that is questioned here. We are talking about representing Sri Lanka. Should Ashantha De Mel have the power and the authority to decide who gets to represent their mother land with no questions asked?

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