Sri Lankan psychology, for batting in ODI cricket

Viewers may propose this as a fantasy approach which we dream; they may think that this is not realistic; they may criticize and hope to expect the same old batting approach. But we must know that we need to dream big to achieve results.

As a Sri Lankan cricket follower, we have realized that our ODI batting run rate is much slower compared to most of the other competitive teams around the world (Australia, India, England and South Africa). According to my view that is the main reason behind recent poor ODI record. If we analyze the last 30 matches, we can see that we hardly crossed the 300-mark. We rarely start with a very good run rate.

As a result of that, our bowlers are put under lot of pressure, ultimately end up with low no of wickets and bad economy rates. Furthermore a good one day team must be able to chase 275 plus scores. Our current team mostly likes to bat first and secure the runs. Our batters bat without any target in their mind, they just bat according to the ploy set by the opposition ,so end up giving away the wicket due to pressure built up by low scoring rate. Most of the low middle order batters (all-rounders) take 10 to 20 balls to get settle but finally get out under 20 runs or so.

We remember that during 1996 we revolutionized the ODI cricket by exploring 15 over field restrictions. That batting approach was the main reason behind winning the world cup. It is a “no fear approach” and very attractive for the crowds and even if we lose matches it hardly worries you because it will build tremendous confidence among each and every player. Aggressive batting approach will lift up the team spirit and fielding. Bowlers will get aggressive as well.

The below interesting approach shows how to get 350+ runs when batting first
First 10 overs:                    90 /2
After 20 overs :                 150/3
After 30 overs :                 210/4
After 40 overs:                  270/5
After 50 overs:                  350/8

If the openers bat aggressively bowlers will try to stop boundaries instead of taking wickets. Fielders inside the circle will stay at the edge of the circle, so will be easy for quick singles. Even if the first 2 wickets go for cheaply, aggressive approach should not be discontinued, can play safely. If the first 3 or 4 wickets go within quick succession,batters can keep wickets intact and accelerate at the end.

To do that all the first 7 batters must be able to hit sixes at their will, if you can hit sixes then hitting 4s is very much easy, but in our current squad most of them can’t hit sixes, they bat along the ground, We should select players with much power for one day cricket and train and motivate them to hit sixes mainly during first 10 overs since only two fielders allowed at the boundary.

As a summary
– Hit over the 30 yard circle within 10 overs
– Target sixes (at least 5 per inning)
– Show aggressive approach so bowlers stop attacking the wickets
– Try quick singles
– Select batsmen with power
– Attack before 3 wickets
– Target of 300+ scores

If we change this psychology we can beat 444 record as well.


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