Sri Lankan players are slow learners – is it a valid excuse?

For a many years , we saw how Sri Lankan cricketers are growing. For a batsman  started with a average 20 odd runs in debut, after couple of innings maiden half century, silent few innings another half century, little cameos, another drought dropped out from the team or even a century by random , after played 30 odd innings permanent place in the team is guaranteed. Well this theory worked well to the era of 90's early years of the new millennium , but now?

Based on what i saw from the recent struggle of the Sri Lankan team specially in the ODI's which is their zone  can be highlighted under two reasons.

1. No batting plan.
This has been the case of the Sri Lankan team for the last two years. Sri Lanka have always found a ways to all out them selves before completing their batting quota. What i saw is that Sri Lankan batsmen are simply played based on the mode of the day. Simply just see the ball hit the ball without take consider about play out 50 overs and getting to a decent total. This is not only diminishing the possibility to get the good total and put the pressure on opposition but also make the impact on the team morale.

In the current format of the ODI cricket , middle overs of the two innings played the significant importance of the final outcome of the match. The team who milking 5 or 6 per over during the 11-30 overs without losing many wickets can get the big advantage to play for a win. But unfortunately Sri Lanka do have accumulators such as chandimal to some extent mathews , but they keep failing to score these important runs plus losing their wickets quite regularly causes to exposes fragile low order of the Sri Lankan Team.

If Sri Lanka get back in to the road of winning immediately Sri Lankan team has to make a plan of how to play these 30 Overs . Looking at the current crop of players what i believe is take a decent start in 1st 10 overs  (50 runs without losing more than 1 wicket ) and then from 11-40 overs we can score some thing around 6 runs per over which is quiet doable in todays term without losing more than 2 wickets. This will helps Sri Lanka to unleash the big hitters like Thisara, Sachith Pathirana, or Mathews's Finishing touch in final ten over and get in to total 340 or more which is quite enough in todays terms.

2. No career development guidence

This is where Australia doing well than the bigger talent pools such as India , Pakistan. Generally, Australia has the players who have decent talent , but what their cricket authority doing is always push the players to achieve their targets. And they meassure that talents . But what we are doing ? Just let the players to play their so called natural game and developed them selves with the time. Sri Lanka already compensating to this by making the such a players like Chandimal and Thirimanne. My concern is whether Kusal Mendis also started to follow up this same root since the start of the SA tour?

Current stats of Kusal Mendis

22 Odis 21 Ininnigs 685 runs Avg 34.25 8 50's 94 hst ( courtsey Cricinfo)

Well in Sri Lankan standards this looks good but in a era of batsmen this is no means good. since another two years to go for 2018 WC its important that Sri Lanka need to groom this player whom i believe has the potential to achieve the feats which Sanga and Mahela did.

eg : If SLC or the coach can give a challenge to Kusal for  score 2 centuries  and 4 half centuries in upcoming 10 Odis game, and push him to achieve such a challenge he might push him self hard to achieve that challenge . On the other hand Coach has to monitor whether the player achieving this target and must give this regular feedback whether he achieved it or not and what are the areas to prove. This is the only way that i see to improve the quality of the players like Kusal can be improved .

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