Sri Lankan government determined to ruin our cricket

Below, I am republishing in full an editorial from The Island. I think every Sri Lankan would want to read it.

The original is at the very bottom of this page:

Aiyo, cricket!

There has been a huge public outcry over the appointment of ex-pacie Asantha de Mel as Chairman of National Cricket Selectors because it was under his tenure as Chairman of the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) that the country lost billions of rupees due to a corrupt hedging deal. But, people are protesting in vain, we reckon; the present political regime intoxicated with power and blinded by arrogance to the consequences of its actions will never mend its ways.

In democratic countries there are governments of the people by the people for the people while banana republics have governments of crooks by crooks for crooks!

The present government which is apparently determined to ruin the gentleman’s game could not have found a better person as the chief selector. The CPC may have survived de Mel but all signs are that the national cricket squad won’t.

At this rate, there is no reason why the government should hesitate to contract Lalith Kothalawala to run the state coffers with Sakvithi as his deputy.

Long live crooks and their political masters!

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