Sri Lankan Cricketers to sport new Reebok ODI outfit

Sri Lanka Cricket and Reebok India have finalised an agreement which would see Sri Lanka sporting a new ODI outfit.

The new gear is yet to be designed according to the Daily Mirror.

Speaking over his mobile from Colombo on Wednesday morning, he [Charith Senanayake, the Head of Marketing at Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC)] said: "We have finalized the deal with Reebok India Limited and the agreement is all set to be signed soon. So hopefully from April 1 the players will have new clothing for all Test matches, ODIs and Twenty20 matches".

"We are working out with the designs for the players’ outfit. There will be slight changes in the existing colour and design", he said.

The last line in the above is slightly worrying. Leave it to SLC and our players to come up with something extremely gaudy or something a little too far out. I’m a huge fan of the Navy Blue and Gold. The two colours should not be replaced if you ask me. The designers should source fabric that would highlight the Gold and the Blue. And not look to replace the colours or make drastic changes to the colours that identify the Sri Lankan national team.

Remember the video below? It was from a press conference during the T20 World Cup in South Africa. Team Sri Lanka decided to change their T20 outfit. Mahela and Kumar had a say behind the design and the colours. What was thought to be Silver ended up as light blue/grey and pretty close to Team India’s outfit.

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