Sri Lanka should change batting order once in a while

Sri Lanka should change the batting order so that a No 5, 6 or 7 is sent at No 3 or 4 or even opening. That’s how Dlshan got an opening. If they fail, then drop them.

I can recall two Chamaras, Mahroof, Kandamby, Indika, Mubarak have never known what to do in last overs. Even Arnold was in this position. Chandimal and Thirimanne when sent early did well.

Also we need to score runs by keeping the ball low. How many yesterday got out caught? For that, have clean hard hitters who can hit sixes but not try to hit every ball. I have been reiterating this since two years ago. Mahela and/or Kumar can go low and also provide stability. This should be especially so as they are not consistent. None of our bats are consistent. See Dhoni, Root Jadeja etc.

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