Sri Lanka should always use DRS

 With a tendency to go with spin heavy attack and turning pitches, Sri Lanka should accept DRS permanently.

Its mystery that how Sri Lanka board always remains in financial crisis, when its team wins constantly in every format of the game.
Though it is a mess, the government should investigate it, but as a supporter of the team and cricket, one has the right to protest, if it affects the team. Decision Review System (DRS) is the kind of issue, which is closely related to team’s performance. One wrong decision can ruin the team’s possibilities of winning a match. So, there should be no hesitant to use the technology, when the game is at stake.
But, unfortunately when SLC thinks about money, they easily forget everything. That’s why; SLC was hesitant initially about the use of the Decision Review System (DRS) during the upcoming series against Australia, despite the ICC last month making the DRS mandatory for Tests and one-day internationals. As, the new rule does not take effect until October 1, that’s why board tried to reduce its expanses, by ignoring DRS.
Though, bottom line is that SLC has been in the mindset to save every possible dollar at any cost. Last month, SLC reduced its budget for the tour from 300 million rupees down to 100 million rupees. Though, there is no problem with it, as Sri Lanka has come out of the specter of a bloody war.
But, DRS is a more sensitive issue, so can’t be ignored. Without a doubt, it directly reflects on the faith of a game. And, it can be a potent weapon against opponent for Sri Lanka for sure. Reason, Sri Lanka prefers to go with a spin heavy attack, especially in subcontinent. So, obviously, when a captain operates spinners, lot of bat and pad appeals are common. In these situations, DRS come as a potent weapon for any captain.
So, at last, it’s a wise reverse decision to go with DRS, against Australia. But it should not be just for one series. With spin heavy attack and turning pitches, Sri Lanka should accept it permanently.

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