Sri Lanka need to win the Series in South Africa

By Osanda Gunaratna

Since the CWC 2011 Sri Lanka cricket team have to failed to achieve a single series win much to the bitter disappointment of the Sri Lankan cricket fans and former cricketers. Continuous series losses to England, Australia and Pakistan have left Sri Lanka reeling similar to Bangladesh and Zimbabwe.

What is the real reason to this massive slump of form of once mighty Sri Lankan cricketers? Is it the exit of Muralitharan? Is Sri Lankan team a one man show? Is it Sangakkara quitting the captaincy of the SLC team or otherwise the players haven’t been paid a cent? Is it Dilshan’s unsuccessful captaincy? Is it the young and inexperienced players not performing up to expectations? Is it the fragile middle order? Is it the lack of attacking bowlers? Is it because of some selection blunders made by the SLC selectors?

The SLC team has lot of question marks to answer such as the above, but even when the SLCB is bankrupt only option left now for them is to run for cover.
However whatever problem may have occurred in the past it is more important to change the future, so the SLC team should be not lose hope, they must believe in themselves that they can win and win in a consistent basis.

They need to be eager to perform, courageous, sporty and importantly expect the unexpected. The SLC team should not try to go for the kill against South Africa and try to win both the tests and ODI series and restore Sri Lankan Cricket spirit to its prestigious status. As the SLC team still have plenty of great and impressive cricketers it is extremely essential that they set examples to the younger and inexperienced in the team and be motivated by performing well
In a few days time Sri Lanka’s South African safari will begin however if Sri Lanka is to succeed in this tour all the 11 members of the team should play as one.  Lanka will have to put this series in their bag otherwise it will sign SLC’s end and probably death.

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