Sri Lanka! Lucky just Lucky!

It’s always luck favors Srilanka in World cups whether its 1996 or 2011. And now Srilanka is lucky again in 2014 T20 World cup.

Here is the group where Sri Lanka is placed.

Group 1

  •  Sri Lanka
  •  England
  •  South Africa
  •  New Zealand
  •  Netherlands

If you take a close look at all the other teams, they all have a weakness. Yes they don’t play well against quality spin and luckily for Srilanka all their Asian mates (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) are in the other group. Group 2, it’s called group of death. Also if you see the fixtures Srilanka play all their matches in Chittagong and it always helps spinners. So it should be a cake walk for Srilanka into knockouts.

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How they are lucky in other world cups ?

2011 World cup

If you see where did Srilanka played their matches
Colombo (RPS) – 5 Matches
Hambantota – 1 match vs Canada
Pallekele – 1 match vs Zimbabwe
Mumbai – 2 matches

They played all their big matches in Colombo (RPS) and just made easy way to the knockouts. If you take Winners India, they played all their matches in different venues across the length and breadth of India including a match in Dhaka.

If you go down to 1996 World cup Srilanka got two crucial walk over matches, who knows they might not been in knock outs if that’s not happened.

Yes Sri Lanka is lucky, Just lucky in World cups !!!

This world cup Srilanka can easily go into the knockouts just spinning their opponents but the real threat is that Sri Lanka has to face tough opponents coming out of Group 2 for Knock outs. Sri Lankan team doesn’t play well in crunch situation. Their luck runs out when opponents fearlessly attack them like M S Dhoni or Marlon Samuels did in 2011 and 2012 World cups respectively.

Will it be another lucky 1996 for Sri Lanka ? Best of Luck !!!  

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