Sri Lanka equals South Africa in Test team ratings

With the conclusion of the Sri Lanka Vs Zimbabwe test series in favor of Sri Lanka as 2-0, Sri Lanka is able to equal the test rating of South Africa. Both teams are sitting at 96 mark in the ratings though South Africa is on the 5th position while Sri Lanka stays 6th position in test team ranking table. Here is the comparison of test ratings before and after the 2nd test match between Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.

Before Zim Vs SL 2nd test match After Zim Vs SL 2nd test match
Rank Team Rating Rank Team Rating
1 Ind 115 1 Ind 115
2 Pak 109 2 Pak 109
3 Aus 108 3 Aus 108
4 Eng 105 4 Eng 105
5 SA 96 5 SA 96
6 SL 95 6 SL 96
7 NZ 91 7 NZ 91
8 WI 69 8 WI 69
9 Ban 65 9 Ban 65
10 Zim 8 10 Zim 5

It is very interesting to see that Sri Lanka and South Africa are sitting at the same rating level but South Africa seems to be doing well in Australia. However There is an ongoing test series between India and England and the 2nd test match Between Australia  to be held in Hobart. The results might change the whole complexion of the rating and it is interesting to see whether Sri Lanka can climb up the ranking ladder by beating South Africa in December. 

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