Sri Lanka def by Rohit Sharma by 13 runs

The year of 2014 has been very kind to the Sri Lankan cricket team, a test series triumph against Pakistan and Bangladesh, a historic conquer of England, an Asia cup victory and a t20 world cup trophy being added to the cabinet. So should it be fair to say that 2014 has been one to remember if you consider yourself Sri Lankan, well yesterday after the demolition of the Sri Lankan cricket team in India by Rohit Sharma it is humorous how the hippocampus component in our brain forgets so quickly about the last ball victory at Headingley, the four hit by Thisara Perera to win the T20 world cup against India and other major victories achieved by our proudly supported cricketers. I guess by all the movement that our heads were doing while Rohit Sharma artistically placed the ball on the other side of the boundary; all Sri Lankan supporters are just having nightmares of what maybe to come. See it is like this, as a nation we hope to beat nations, not lose to a single player which occurred in the fourth One Day International at Eden Gardens where Sri Lanka lost India, I mean Rohit Sharma by 13 runs. WOW
After the game I must admit I had nightmares of fours and sixes, but the nightmare was that I was actually saluting and clapping for the Indians, if I remember correctly at one point in my dreams I was chanting Inddddiiiaaaaaaaaa, India, because after the display that our boys exhibited no one wanted to be Sri Lankan when Sharma was batting. If Sharma wanted a single he got a single, if he wanted a four he caressed a four to his choice of the ground and if he wanted a six he would pick a poor Indian boy in the crowd and give him a catch, simply put that was the Mona Lisa of a cricket innings, perfect from all angles. But if I recall didn’t Thisara Perera drop Sharma on four, which allowed the virtuoso to nonchalantly add 260 more runs. I admit that I had nightmares, but Thisara Perera’s cricket career may just be over unless he consults a psychiatrist or psychologist at least 4-5 times a week, for the next 6 months because his hippocampus is not going to forget the uncoordinated nature in which he approached that catch.
Alright enough of Thisara Perera, and onto the tea maker of Kusal Perera because with only facing 13 deliveries in three ODI’s surely Kusal aiye must have learnt to make a hell of a tea. I have to ask though, are the selectors that interested in tea, because as a fan I would love to see some runs being scored by the opening batsmen if it’s not too much to ask for.
So how do we move onto the fifth and final ODI? I guess we need to bring Upul Tharanga back, we need to drop Mendis, and maintain an all pace attack with the sole spinner in Prassana. It still doesn’t seem effective enough to beat India but I just cannot watch an Indian batsmen make the first 300 in an ODI cricket. Everyone says well the pitches in India are just unfair for bowlers, well it might be the case but every team gets their chance to bat, so why is it that Sri Lanka can’t seem to get over 280. As a Sri Lankan supporter I will sustain my loyalty to my birth country and wave our flag till the end of time, but if Lasith Malinga, Rangana Herath and Sacithra Sennanyake are not present on that flight to Christchurch for Sri Lanka’s launch of the Cricket world cup then that flag of mine will be flying quite low.
So 2014 overall has been great, but this series in India has been a serious eye opener for the status of our cricket team and one must beg the question of whether Sri Lanka peaked on the wrong year. Or was the triumph and conquer over England enough? Never the less, Sri Lanka all the way.

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