Sri Lanka Cricket playing with fire in sacking Marsh

The character and lack of knowledge of SLC is exposed to  the whole cricketing world due to the sacking of Marsh without any explanation. Nowhere does the sports minister sack and in same breath appoint another coach.

Many are sympathising with Marsh. Since the minister does not understand cricket, he relies on Sanath Jayasuriya who has an axe to grind for being omitted from the world cup.

Graham Ford may be a better coach but one does not displace an existing coach when another coach is found. Sri Lanka has become notorious due to politics and the elite like Moody, Buchanan know the set up and do not want to accept. A time will come when no foreign coach will be willing to come here. Ford is reminiscent in accepting India’s offer a few years ago and turned it down. Ford too was interviewed last August and overturned the offer. I will not be surprised if Ford too will learn of  the political interference and go back.

Re: Marsh sacking, wait for repercussions and ramifications.

Sri Lanka has become the laughing stock of the whole world. We are breaking records in having a selector (Don Anurasiri) for over 10 years. And the JOKER Ashantha de Mel who lost millions in CPC and is a political appointment is now head of selectors and joining the other JOKER Mahindananda who has a privately elected board which has little knowledge of Cricket. 

Fans are giving up on cricket and soon the two new stadiums will be white elephants.

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