Sri Lanka Cricket funds help buy a condo in London

Imagine what $5000 (nearly six-lakhs) per month could do to help young underprivileged cricketers, or how it could help our next generation of cricketers (A team and Sri Lanka U19)? They would be less stressed about finding work, feeding their families, etc and more focused on their cricket.

But, as you know already, thanks to the numerous Sri Lankan media reports that have kept us all informed and enlightened, Suraj Dandeniya, nephew of Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) chairman, Somachandra de Silva, is allegedly pocketing that sum along with other perks thanks to a job of great importance, which was just gifted to him by his uncle without any assessment of his qualifications.

This was on last Sunday’s Sunday Times:

Once a powerful political party in Sri Lanka was called the uncle-nephew party. Even at the Citadel is hit with the same plague where the nephew runs the uncle who is as clueless as a blind wombat.

The uncle got the nephew six plus figure job and gave him the control of the tournament which latter has transformed into his wishing well. So much so it is said that he now has a shining new flat bought in London with the Citadel loot. But, ironically the nephew’s days are numbered.

The poor guy will have to hit the street once the tournament is over. Will it happen? May not! Now they say the airman who shot the captain on the leg to get his seat will have to be grounded to make way to give the nephew the three letter job that controls the citadel.

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