Sri Lanka Cricket elections are a sham

I highly recommend you read the interview with Charith Senanayake. It’s extremely courageous of him to speak out, especially given the climate of fear that prevails in Sri Lanka these days.

Senanayake alleges that the current team manager Michael de Zoysa got his job because he dropped out of the SLC election and allowed Nishantha Ranatunga to win uncontested.

I have good reason to believe that they chucked me out because it was the perfect opportunity to reward the person that dropped out of the last SLC election to allow Nishantha to win uncontested. That individual is now the team manager. With my removal, Nishantha has the team manager, some of the coaches, selectors — all his right-hand men — in place to control things the way he wants. I was a thorn in his side. I was an obstacle.

He goes on to say that the SLC elections are flawed and heavily influenced by politicians.

It’s not free and fair, and it’s politically influenced and manipulated. How can such a key position like the secretary’s post go uncontested? It is true that you do need the support of the government for SLC to function because of the Sports Law, as it supersedes SLC’s constitution and other sporting establishments’ constitutions, but the entire process is influenced by politics at present, which is detrimental to our cricket and all sports.

There has to be a democratic process. This has been violated greatly. Politicians place individuals who they feel they can trust, but those individuals end up damaging the reputation of the politicians who back them because they are not qualified nor skilled to hold such important posts. I don’t think the politicians realise that these people also want to fulfil their own personal agendas, and they will eventually take them for a ride too. You need qualified people genuinely committed to the betterment of our cricket, not goons with hidden agendas. I don’t think even the current SLC chairman knows of what is happening behind his own back. Most of the officials are there just to fill a post. The government must assist in bringing in a truly democratic process for elections, as well as a professional corporate governance structure without undue influence from outside entities. The public are outraged, and the fans are now finally fed up. There is even a petition being circulated, which hasn’t happened before.

Read the full interview here.

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